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Wed Mar 31, 2010

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Martha Goss Founder of the Rebecca Goss Memorial Foundation in memory of San Antonio Heights resident Rebecca Goss , 16 year old who died in an automobile accident. The Foundation helps families with burial expenses, counseling, grief support and other cost, plus they award scholarships to Upland High School Grads who plan to study veterinary medicine as did Rebecca, Today discussing the 3 rd annual Upland Ca. charity"Becca Boo Yaah" car show May 22 to benefit the Foundation. (http://www.beccaboo-yaah.org/)

Edwin Mora CNS News.com " IT Problems put accuracy of Census at risk" (http://www.cnsnews.com/) The system shows slow performance, could affect cost and success of the Census"

Andrew Klavan Author:The Long Way Home . His latest article in reference to this being Holy Week "Why is God Missing From Pop Culture?"

Joy Tiz Author: Obamanutz, A cult leader takes the White house. Discussing her recent article "Castro endorses Obamacare" (http://www.joytiz.com/)

Amy Payne Americans For Prosperity (http://www.americansforprosperity.org/) President Obama’s Agenda By Other Means "President Obama has again failed at transparency by circumventing the Democratic process and making 15 recess appointments, including that of extreme liberal, Craig Becker, to the National Labor Relations Board. "

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  1. Chuck - THANK YOU for interviewing Edwin Mora because I have not sent in my census and it was announced by you they are due in the mail on APRIL FOOLS DAY. Also, when it was stated with a heavy hand that the Constitution says we must fill out the census, excellent point when you said Obama wants the Constitution enforced via the census but NOT when a bill is passed.