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Tue Mar 16, 2010

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Chuck Wilder 11 AM - 2 PM PDST

Rick Oltman With CAPS ( Californians for Population Stabilization) "Assemblyman Bill Emerson (R Rancho Cucamonga) AB 2333 on Sanctuary Cities, and also Ricks article "Bio Metric Cards are D.O.A."

John Le Boutillier Boots Blast and Newsmax.Com " A look at the 2012 GOP Presidential Race "

Marilyn M Barnewall Her recent Article from The American Thinker "Reconciliation and the Senate Bill Why are the Republicans not using the strongest point available to prevent the reconciliation process"

Allan Wall VDARE.Com "Memo from Middle America, Evangelicals, The NAE and Immigration"

Here is the total 2,309 pages on Reconciliation 2010

Thanks to my Guest Marilyn M Barnewall


  1. Bravo, Chuck: Excellent interview with Marilyn Barnewell on "Reconciliation and the Senate Bill."

    With my small brain, I can't grasp all of the abstruse nuances of what Obama is proposing in 2000+ pages. So I have boiled it down to an equation:

    " Onmacare = Obamanure."

    And, to paraphrase the famous phrase in the movie, "Treasure of the Obama Madre:" "We don't need no stinkin' Obamanure."

  2. Raymond Phoenix Az.March 16, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    Hey no daylight savings time for us, so I know my time is right..CRN has removed your show at 11 AM should try to get another network that deserves you...their loss. I am X California and dont mind some California news.
    Couldnt find a feed for K-SPA ..I did find you at Noon....