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Obama Math: 36 Hours = 5 Days

Jim Kouri Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police His Article at
"Obama Care to be Enforced by IRS "Bounty Hunters"

Dr. Don Kurt Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga, He owns the Urgent Care Center and Alta Loma Medical Group in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He is founder of the Children's Free Immunization Clinic, and is Republican Candidate for State Assembly 63 rd district.

Chelene Nightingale running in the 2010 election for Governor of California as a candidate of the American Independent Party Since 2005, Nightingale has been a Constitutional activist organizing rallies and marches in California. She organized the "Free the Texas Three" march for Deputy Gilmer Hernandez and Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean in Hollywood. The march was featured on the nationally syndicated show "America's Most Wanted .(

Kevin "Coach" Collins The Collins Report "Thirty dimes as 30 pieces of silver sounds about right to make our point to the lying Judas Stupak" and more from the Collins Report ( ) Here is the address to send your "thirty" pieces of Silver to Bart "Judas" Stupack .
Send 30 Dimes (attach to scott tape ) to :
Congressman Bart Stupak
1229 W. Washington St.
Marquette MI. 49855
"For his sell out on the Health Care Bill"

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  1. Chuck you and Kevan Collins tell it like it is, you cover more news and stories, than most of the Talk Show Host all together..
    You wont hear this on the salem Network, they spend 1 hour on "Them"
    Good for CRN