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Mon Nov 3, 2009

Talkback Mon 2 Nov 09
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Kyle Olson V.P. Education Action Group also Editor of ACRON
"The American Federation of Teachers, along with the National Education Association, have come out to publicly oppose an amendment ) “that would require the 2010 Census to ask all individuals whether they are citizens or lawful residents of the United States,”

Dr. Stephen C Meyer Author: Signature in a Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.November marks 150 years since Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species but are scientists today any closer to discovering how life began than when Darwin was around?"

Mark Olsen Author: Animal Colony "Today discussing the recent Hate Crimes Bill the President just signed .Debate regarding the necessity and fairness of this bill continues to grow, and many worry that the bill aims to punish thoughts and beliefs, rather than criminal acts.

Valerie Faltas Property tax expert and assessor has answers to the story everyone is talking about. “Michael Jackson is definitely going to remain marketable, especially with the release of "This Is It"," says Faltas. “But the question is, will that be enough to settle the debt surrounding his estate?”

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Fri Oct 30, 2009

Vox Day Author on the 80th Anniversary of Black Tuesday THE GREAT DEPRESSION He is the Author who predicted the current crisis and shows why it's 'only the beginning' The worse is yet to come"

Dr Joyce Walsleben National Sleep expert " Setting the Clocks Back this weekend , How can we maintain our biological schedules, with the least amount of stress?"

Jessica Vaughan Center for Immigration Studies "A report on the 287 G Program, protecting Home Towns and the Homeland"

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His latest best selling book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts His latest article "Is Obama Our Bernie Madoff? "

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Thu Oct 29, 2009

Talkback Thurs 29 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Janet Porter President Founder Faith 2 Action, Columnist for World Net daily " The Pink Slips to Congressmen update , over 4 Million so far"

Peter Firestein Author : Crisis of Character, Building corporate reputation in the age of Skepticism." Bailouts, Big Bonus' who can you trust ? "

Rees Lloyd Civil Rights Atty. Director Defense of Veterans Memorials Project , American Legion Dept of Ca. "Army surrenders to lawyers demands for Sikh dentist to be allowed to wear Sikh religious regalia in uniform -- will this open a Pandora's Box of discrimination claims? and Rees's WND article Herman the Buddhist"

Katie Packer Executive Director for the Workforce Fairness Institute "New Gallup poll data finds that more Americans are realizing that there is too much government regulation of business and industry. Big Labor’s plans are to increase government control of the workplace through the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act "

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Tue Oct 27, 2009

Talkback Guest Tues 27 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Matt Cover CNS "A plan to reduce preventable hospital readmissions is included in all of the health care bills before Congress and would impose a fee on hospitals that readmit seniors for certain conditions, and raise costs on hospitals an estimated $19 billion over 10 years,"

Melissa Henson Director of Communications for the Parents Television Council
" Less than a month ago, convicted child-rapist Roman Polanski was apprehended His peers in the entertainment industry were quick to leap to his defense. Some even went so far as to claim that 13 in Hollywood isn’t really 13. In light of this revelation, reports that an upcoming episode of the CW’s Gossip Girl – which is set in high school – will feature major characters in a threesome After all, in Hollywood it would seem, a high-schooler isn’t really a high-schooler.

Dr Nadir Atash Author: Turbulence -The Tumultuous Journey of One Man's Quest for Change in Afghanistan."What went wrong in Afghanistan?"

Carl Braun Analyst for the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group and the Immigration policy Examiner for " American youth recruited by Mexican Drug Cartel" Carl is also the author of 5 books and was one of the founding members of the minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Ca.

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Mon Oct 26, 2009

Talkback Mon 26 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Julia Seymore Business and Media Institute " Here come the second Stimulus Package ignoring the failure of the first $ 787 Billion to halt the rising unemployment"

John LeBoutillier Boots Blast " Get Osama --- And leave Fox Alone"

Selwyn Duke Writer for News With views, American Thinker and The New American , discussing some of his recent stories " Boy set on fire in Brutal Revenge Attack, Is Obama turning us into the next Evil Empire, Crosshairs of the SPLC, and others "

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Thu Oct 22, 2009

Talkback Thurs 22 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Carrie Cantrell Director of Communications for the RSLC Republican State Leadership Committee" State Governors are feeling election heat from voters"

Rick Oltman Director of public affairs for C.A.P.S , Californians for population Stablization " Looking at the Vitter / Bennett amendment and the Census, also a report on Immigrants and carbon emissions"

Rev Ted Pike National Prayer Network "Democrats attach Hate Crimes Bill to Defense Bill "

Dave Gibson Norfolk Crime Examiner "Juarez becomes deadliest city in the world and also The Muslim threat within our prison system"

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Wed Oct 21, 2009

Talkback Guest Wed 21 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST
Fred Lucas CNS "Despite Surge in Unemployment, White House Says Economic Stimulus ‘Saved or Created’ 250,000 Jobs"

Phyllis Schlafly The Eagle Forum Her latest " If Obama had told us before his election.."

Wes Vernon Washington Based Writer, Veteran Broadcast Journalist " Yes the Red Menace Lives Part 1" and also The White House war on Fox"

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Mon Oct 19, 2009

Talkback Mon 19 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Dan Gainor T.Boone Pickens Fellow and Vice President of the Business and media Institute" The News Paper Bailouts, here comes another Government Takeover"

Bob Unruh News Editor "Hollywood programming pursues Obama agenda,Internal memo cites plans to put president's talking points in story lines"

Mark Fuhrman He was the center of the O.J. Simpson media storm.He has investigated many of the most infamous crime cases in the past 20 years for Fox TV . He will discuss his newest book THE MURDER BUSINESS, In the media, all to often murder sells and justice loses"

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Fri Oct 16, 2009

Talkback Fri 16 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

James Gilchrist Founder and president of the Minutemen Project " Free Speech no longer at Harvard Appearance Cancelled. Anti-Free Speech Fanatics at Harvard Threaten Disruption and Violence.

George Gilder Author: The Israel Test " Is Obama's Nobel" Bad New for Isreal?"

David M. Bradshaw Editor of Real Money Perspectives" "Is true Unemployment 16% ? "

Rob Sanchez Job Destruction News letter and writer for CAPS "Up to 200 Thousand Expired Visa Holders missing and A new H-1B scandal is making the news -- this time it involves H-1B teachers

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Thu OCT 15, 2009

Talkback Thurs 15 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Terrence P Jeffery Editor in Chief CNS "You'll get your Health Ins. at the DMV. IT"S IN THE BILL"

Phil Kerpen, Director of Policy for Americans for Prosperity "Big government is back with a new scheme: Internet Regulation"

Paul David Gaubatz Co/ Author with Paul Sperry "Muslim Mafia" released today. " A six Month infiltration of Radical Pro-Jihad , anti U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, A sting on the top Islamist Group"

Peter Brimelow Founder/ Editor of VDARE " Democrats say Town Halls and Tea Parties were motivated by race. Peter looks at Obama’s long history of racial activism and his constant pushing of the race card

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Wed Oct 14, 2009

Talkback Wed 14 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Mitch Free Manufacturing Expert " Another nail in the Auto industry's coffin, G.M. to send Hummer to China, which one is next?"

Floyd Brown, author of the famous Willie Horton ad used so effectively against Michael Dukakis in 1988, will begin a campaign to tar Obama as weak on crime and terrorism, a campaign to Impeach Obama"

Jon Feere Legal Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies "California Senate Embraces Lawlessness. The California state Senate recently passed a resolution in support of non-enforcement of immigration laws"

Larry Klayman And his new book WHORES: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment a hard-hitting expose about corruption, abuse and lapsed ethics in the U.S. government, judiciary and media.

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Tue Oct 13, 2009

Robin Hvidston and Raymond Herrera Of the Minutemen Project and We The People " Home Land Security gutting the powers of 287 (g) and the way they ...are persecuting Sheriff Joe Arpaio also : First Border Patrol meeting addresses racial profiling "

Phelim Mc Aleer Director of: Not Evil Just Wrong. Global warming expert "He confronted Al Gore with an Inconvenient Question, and they turned his mike off"

Michael Hammond Chief Legal Counsel for G.O.A. Gun Owners of America " One way or the other, if you’re a law-abiding gun owner in America, the latest ObamaCare plan put forth by Congress will own you."

Rob Sanchez Job Destruction Newsletter , Vdare and Fellow Writer for CAPS " U.S. cant trace Foreign Visitors on Expired Visas, last year 2.9 Million checked in over 200 thousand missing"

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Mon Oct 12, 2009

Talkback Monday 12 Oct 09
Chuck Wilder Noon -2 PM PT "Columbus Day"

Ron Cruse Author: Lies , Bribes and Peril " General Stanley McChrystal’s strategy, not only includes extra troops, but an anti-corruption element as well.

Amy Menefee Patients first " Another look at the health bill , voting on it tomorrow"

Devvy Kidd News With Views " Where are the Jobs Congressman? I'll tell you "

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Fri Oct 9, 2009

Talkback Guest Fri 9 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Melissa Henson Director of Communications and Public Education for the Parents Television Council "-- the broadcast networks are once again leaving family audiences with no place to turn. "

Brad O'Leary The O'Leary Report " Protest on Taxpayer Funded Abortions"

Mark Morano Climate Depot " Sens. Graham & McCain seek to SAVE Climate Bill!"

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Thu OCT 09, 2009

Talkback Thurs 8 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Dan Kish is a senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research"More smoke and Mirrors Senate Democrats rename Cap And Trade Bill"

Penny Starr Senior Staff Writer CNS " Former Olympic Swimmer Concerned About Olympic Athletes Swimming in Untested Waters Off Brazil also another Immigration report out of DHS .

Frosty Wooldridge Author: America on the Brink" His latest News With views article"THE TRAGEDY OF DETROIT: HOW IMMIGRATION AND MULTICULURALISM DESTROYED IT"

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Wed Oct 7, 2009

Talkback Guest Wed 7 Oct 09 with Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Colleen Raezler With the Culture and Media Institute " David Letterman, the Victim"

Chris Farrell Director of Research for Judicial Watch "Judicial Watch Files Two New FOIA Lawsuits to Obtain Information on ACORN Scandalsand Lawsuit against DHS for Documents on Reforms to 287(g) Illegal Immigration Enforcement Program

Jerry Corsi WND and Red Alert " Arabs Plot to Drop the Dollar and Will Social Security survive the recession?

Al Garza Founder/ President of The Patriots Coalition " Talking about an Open Border Group that has gone after the Minutemen and other Groups "

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Tue Oct 6, 2009

Talkback Guest Tues 6 Oct 09
Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PT

Reese Lloyd Civil Rights Atty. "Supreme Court to hear Cross Arguments this week
The Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Case will have nationwide impact, deciding whether 300,000,000 Americans will have the right to establish veterans memorials in manner in which American citizens and their communities choose, including symbols or expressions which have a religious aspect; or whether such choices may be vetoed by ACLU and other groups ."

Mark Dimassimo Cofounder of Read to Vote. org " They say elected officials should be required to read the Bills before they can vote on them "

Robert Spencer His new Book : The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran" A Warning that Misinterpreting the Koran Encourages Terrorism and Ant-American Sentiment"

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Mon Oct 5, 2009

Talkback Mon 5 Oct 09
Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PT

Janet Porter Faith To Action and WND " How you can send Congress a Pink Slip"

Randy Skoglund Cyber Expert "New computer viruses target banks, social networks

John Le Boutillier Boots Blast and "Iran Joining the Nuclear Club"

Dave Gibson Examiner.Com " The Aaron Vargas Case: A Victim pushed to the breaking point"
Also joining us his Sister Mindy Gallani.

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Talkback Guest Fri 2 Oct 09
Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PT

Christopher Neefus CNS NEWS.COM " candidate, Barack Obama repeatedly said he would reinforce the U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Now, as commander-in-chief, has failed to heed the request of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, to send more troops to that country.

Rosemary Jenks Numbers USA Director of Government Relations "The latest on the Immigration Issue"

Ilana Mercer Columnist at Taki's Magazine and contributor to "Life in the Oink Sector" A look at bureaucracies manned by Government workers .

Robert Peters President of Morality in Media " Child Endangerment and Adult Porn"