Friday, March 26, 2010

Mon Mar 29, 2010

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Chuck Wilder 11 AM - 2 PM PDST

James Fulford Assistant editor of VDARE.COM " Will amnesty be accomplished by executive order rather than by the arduous process of passing a bill. Also from the Fulford File Ann Coulter and Canadian Human Rights" (

Rabbi Nachum Shifren Candidate for California State Senate, District #26(
His latest essay "March to Socialism Bothering You? Ask Any Teacher!"

Mark Morano Founder/ President of Climate Depot. Com " Now it's CowGate: Expert report says UN claims of livestock causing global warming are false: ''It is becoming difficult to keep pace with the speed at which the global warming scam is now unraveling'

Stan Wald and Jerry Misner Discussing "Southern Exposure". The three-hour documentary series is what many believe to be the most thoughtful and in-depth investigation of illegal immigration ever done. Watch the trailer

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