Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30 Dr Anne Speckhard,Janice Kephart

Talkback Tuesday April 30, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School. Dr. Speckhard has been working in the field of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the 1980's and has extensive experience working in Europe, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. She is a member of the United Nations Roster of Experts for the Terrorism Prevention Branch." Delving into the Minds of Terrorists to Try to Understand their Motivations" (www.AnneSpeckhard.com)

Janice Kephart, the Center for Immigration Studies National Security Policy Director. Janice is a former 9/11 Commission counsel and an expert witness in Havlish v. Iran. She now has four mini-documentaries on Illegal Immigration, posted at (http://cis.org/Videos/ArizonaRancher).
http://www.911securitysolutions.com) (http://www.washingtontimes.com/) (http://cis.org/)" Discussing her recent testimony on the immigration plan"


Friday, April 26, 2013

4/26 Michael Davidson,Harry Crocker,Jim Kouri

Talkback Friday April 26, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Michael R. Davidson, Former Field Operative and Author of 'INCUBUS' also 'Harry's Rules' (A CIA thriller) Michael is Former Chief of Internal Operations, in charge of CIA Operations in the USSR and Eastern Europe. Seasoned veteran of the CIA's legendary Clandestine Services with nearly 30 years of experience as a case officer and senior intelligence official at home and abroad. He currently provides consulting and analyses related to economic development, as well as occasional work in the security field."Why is the CIA taking the initiative in a counter-terror effort?"
(www.michaelrdavidson.com) Member of SPYMASTERS LITERARY GUILD

Harry W. Crocker III is a bestselling author who frequently writes about military history. He is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War, Robert E. Lee on Leadership, Triumph, Don’t Tread on Me, and the prize-winning comic novel, The Old Limey."Discussing his latest book: Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire. This provocative book shows not only why the Empire was great, but also why the greatness of the United States stems in large part from our imperial inheritance."

Jim Kouri, Former Vice-President, and currently a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he's a columnist for Examiner.com ,New Media Alliance and News With Views.com . He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country." A Report on his latest articles Including: Hezbollah threatens Syrian rebels with full blown war" (www.examiner.com) (www.newswithviews.com)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25 Frank Vernuccio,Thomas Eddlem,Tricia Erickson,Seton Motley

Talkback Thursday April 25, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Frank Vernuccio Editor-in-Chief of the NY Analysis of Policy & Government, covering both national & international matters also Co-host of the radio program, "The Venuccio/Allison Report" "His report: Benghazi cover-up revealed" (www.usagovpolicy.com) free news letter ( Usagovpolicy@gmail.com ) (http://www.andnothingbutthetruth.com)

Thomas Eddlem has written for The New American for over a decade and has 20+ years of experience as a journalist. He graduated from Stonehill College with a Bachelors of Arts in political science and a minor in history. Tom teaches high school history and is also a radio producer for Salem Radio Boston WROL/AM950. Prior to becoming a contributor Tom was the director of research for The New American."Discussing his article: Waco After 20 Years: A Warning Against Unrestrained Government " (http://thenewamerican.com)

Tricia Erickson political consultant and on-air contributor. She is an expert on the well-masked cult of Mormonism and author of “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.” . She is the President of Crisis Management Incorporated also the President of Angel Pictures & Publicity, a conservative pundit publicity company & major motion picture and TV casting company Tricia is also a casting director and has worked on many major blockbuster films.. Tricia is also the purveyor of the site, TheConservativePundit.net, "Her report: Will Terrorists Be Met With Appeasement, Or Will Our Leaders Grow A Pair?"

Seton Motley President of Less Government, Editor in Chief StopNetRegulation.org A publication of the Center for Individual Freedom. "Wake up call:Federal Government Looking to Tax Internet - And Let States Do It Too" (www lessgovernment.org) (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

04/24 Steve Sanchez, The Steve Sanchez Show

CRN show host, Steve Sanchez fills in for Chuck Wilder!
Catch his LIVE show every Saturday at 8AM/PT on CRN...

Steve Sanchez is an Entrepreneur, Pastor, Author and Radio Personality. For over 20 years Steve has counseled thousands, both face to face and through his radio show, in the areas of finance, cultural issues and politics – all from a cutting edge Christian perspective. He is rated in the Top 1% of Financial Advisors according to the Million Dollar Round Table Organization. His cutting edge no-nonsense approach to finance and world issues achieved him the prestigious: 2008 Who’s Who in America distinguishment.

He has been featured as a guest on many television shows for his expertise and has written many financial articles for affluent magazines such as Lavish Lifestyle and the “ A “ magazine respectively. Steve also writes a national weekly column for GCN at www.gcnlive.com.

He is also currently co-authoring a book with best selling authors Ethan Knapp and Brett Kitchen on the New Entitlement Society in America.

Steve is also heavily involved in ministry and is the co-founder of EPIC Ministries with his wife Marie. This ministry helps marriages and families from divorce and division and gives them a sense of how to take back their finances and lives. After devastating blows to their own finances through bad business decisions and being aligned with the wrong people, they believe they can be a beacon of hope that GOD does restore us back to how he wants us not how we want ourselves. They also are heavily engaged in mentoring young people and helping them understand and take back the culture and the morals that have left us. As Steve puts it, this is not your ordinary ministry that sits around the campfire singing “KUMBYA”. We want to utilize media as a way to relate to young America and help them have a voice. Media and the Arts can and will do this. Steve brings you Real, Raw, Relevant truth that most Pastors at the Pulpit will not speak. Steve believes in equipping all generations to be last days warriors.

Regardless of the venue, Steve never fails to provide an encouraging word or a quick witted antidote. Steve has sat on many financial boards for mega churches including Church for the Nations and Crossroads Nazarene, respectively. He currently sits on the Executive board of AX29 a Spirit Filled Young Adults movement transforming the Phoenix Metro area.

Steve and Marie have been married over 20 years and have three children Nate, Erica and Emily who serve alongside their parents in this ministry and are taking their own mountains in Media, Entertainment, Business and Family.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/23 Rees Lloyd,Phylilis Schlafly,Dvvy Kidd

Talkback Tuesday April 23, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Rees Lloyd Longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans’ rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion. Rees also writes for News With Views and World Net Daily." His latest article:--"End the Disgrace of Unprocessed Disability Claims of Veterans" (www.newswithviews.com) (www.wnd.com)

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of the National best seller A choice not an echo. She is President and Founder of Eagle Forum .You can find her columns at TOWNHALL DAILY she is also the author of The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know -- and Men Can't Say co-authored with Suzanne Venker Her latest book is No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom with co author George Neumayr." From her on line column: Comprehensive Reform Must Include Guest workers"

Devvy Kidd Author of Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold.. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. She writes for News With Views.Com and her regularly posted new columns are on her site at: www.devvy.com. You can also sign up for her free email alerts."Her latest update including: Obamacare: Companies dump spouses from coverage-Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors Responds to Nanny Bloomberg’s Gang also Covering all of us in dirty electricity:and Smart grid market contains 400 companies, $66 billion in potential business " (www.newswithviews.com)


Monday, April 22, 2013

04/22 Tommy Hawkins, Lakers

Tommy Hawkins Fills In for Chuck Wilder Today...

Thomas (Tom or Tommy) Jerome Hawkins (born December 22, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois) is a retired American professional basketball player.

A 6'5" (1.96 m) forward, Hawkins starred at Chicago's Parker High School before playing at the University of Notre Dame, where he became the school's first African-American basketball star. He was then selected by the Minneapolis (later Los Angeles) Lakers in the first round of the 1959 NBA Draft, and he would have a productive ten-year career in the league, playing for the Lakers as well as the Cincinnati Royals as he registered 6,672 career points and 4,607 career rebounds.

Hawkins later worked in radio and television broadcasting in Los Angeles and served as vice president of communications for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

Friday, April 19, 2013

4/19 Kimberly Dvorak, Neil McCain, Frank Salvato,Nancy Salvato

Talkback Friday April 19, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Kimberly Dvorak National Homeland Security correspondent. For the San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner. She also writes for Human Events and the Washington Guardian. Correspondent for CW News 6 in San Digo. She has covered local, national and international news stories for more than 15 years."Stricter firearm bill misfires in the Democratic Senate"
(http://www.examiner.com/homeland-security-in-national/kimberly-dvorak) (http://www.washingtonguardian.com ) (http://www.humanevents.com)

Neil McCain Commander of the Oregon Department of the Korean War Veterans Association. Remembering the Korean War, the "Forgotten War,” and the too often forgotten veterans who fought it." Discussing the Bill passed by the Senate Declaring 2012 & 2013 the year of the Korean War Veteran, and how to get their Certificate of appreciation" ( http://www.koreanwar60.com/webform/official-dod-certificate-appreciation-form)
(www.mccaininstitue.com) (mccain@clearwire.net)(http://www.kwvador.com/kwvaservice.html)

Frank Salvato Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for BasicsProject.org He is a member of the International Analyst Network He also serves as the managing editor for The New Media Journal.He is the author of: Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam.
also: Nancy Salvato President and Director of Education and the Constitutional Literacy Program for BasicsProject.org, She serves as a Senior Editor for The New Media Journal. She received her BA in history from Loyola University and her M.Ed.in Early Childhood Education from National-Louis University. " Discussing the latest news and Nancy's editorial : A Perspective on the Second Boston Massacre"  (www.newmediajournal.us.) (www.BasicsProject.org)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18 Joseph Klein,William Rorabaugh,Glenn Spencer, Wes Vernon

Talkback Thursday April 18, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Joseph A. Klein Front Page Magazine and Canada Free Press , Author: Lethal Engagement,Barack Hussein Obama, The United Nations and Radical Islam.He is also the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom."His article: John Kerry's Shameless Flip-Flop on Missile Defense" (www.lethalengagement.com) (http://www.frontpagemag.com/) (http://www.canadafreepress.com/)

William J. Rorabaugh co author with Donald Critchlow of the new book Takeover: How the Left’s Quest for Social Justice Corrupted Liberalism,Rorabaugh teaches American history at the University of Washington and is the author of The Alcoholic Republic, The Real Making of the President, and Kennedy and the Promise of the Sixties,"Discussing the new book"

Glenn Spencer Founder of the American Border Patrol group based in Sierra Vista, Arizona. American Border Patrol is a private, non-governmental,organization with the stated purpose of informing Americans about the border. Besides patrolling the border in his plane they also use small, radio-controlled aircraft and ground sensing equipment to track illegal immigrants, and then relaying that information to the US Border Patrol. "His views on the New Immigration plan from the Gang of Eight"
(www.americanpatrol.com) (http://americanborderpatrol.com/)

Wes Vernon Washington- based writer and veteran broadcast journalist, Most of articles can be found at Renew America.com. " His article:The role of Soviet agents in the Pearl Harbor attack- Stalin's secret agents" (www.Renewamerica.com)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/16 Liz Thatcher,Glenn Frankel,Robert Chappell Jr,Steven Camarota

Talkback Guest Tuesday Apr 16, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Liz Thatcher is a Staff Analyst and Writer for the Business & Media Institute. She is a regular guest on NRA radio and The Sportsman’s Channel. Liz writes about media bias on guns and gun control for BMI."Five States to Tax Guns, Three Networks Silent"

Glenn Frankel Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Author of THE SEARCHERS: The Making of an American Legend. it explores the legend and myth in John Ford’s movie The Searchers (starring John Wayne). "Discussing the book"

Robert P. ‘Bob” Chappell, Jr 27 year veteran law enforcement officer. author of Child Identity Theft: What Every Parent Needs to Know .. Bob has served as a trooper, Narcotics Special Agent, uniformed Sergeant, First Sergeant, Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and currently as a Lieutenant with the Bureau of Field Operations. He is considered to be an expert in the field of Child Identity Theft. Chappell is also a veteran of the Armed Forces having served 25 years with the United States Army Reserve." Child Identity theft"

Steven A. Camarota Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies . He has been with the center since 1996 and his area of expertise is economics and demographics. Steven holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in public policy analysis and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania." The Amnesty also Economist Shows Impact of Immigration on U.S. Work..."


Monday, April 15, 2013

4/15-Michael Jackson Fills In for Chuck Wilder

Michael Jackson Fills In for Chuck Wilder Today.

Michael holds the #11 spot on the list of "The 25 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time".
Provocative, controversial and entertaining - those are words frequently used to describe Michael Jackson and his broadcasts.
He keeps Southern California in touch with the world.
Jackson's biting commentary, uninhibited questioning and refined sense of humor evolved from his earliest radio experiences in South Africa, Great Britain and in the United States. Jackson began his broadcasting career in this country in Massachusetts moving on to an all-night radio talk show in San Francisco and from there to Los Angeles. He spent 32 years on KABC where he frequently was votedOutstanding Radio Personality of the Year by the Los Angeles Times.

A recipient of seven Television Emmys (and 13 nominations), Jackson has also been awarded six Golden Mikes, also known asRadio's Oscar Michael received 2 in Januanry 2006 for outstanding achievement in radio broadcasting.
In June of 2006 Michael was honored with a second place award from the LA Press Club for "Entertainment Reporting/ Criticism" for " Michael, Jamie and Ray."
Michael's various honors include membership in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, (the MBE), presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, along with being presented with the French Legion of Merit bestowed by President Mitterand. He has his star on theHollywood Walk of Fame and an honorary Doctorate of Laws from Western School of Law.
Jackson is renowned for his interviews with celebrities from all walks of life and his probing exchanges with politicians.

Friday, April 12, 2013

4/12 Jennifer Horn,Joe Guzzardi,Michael Connelly

Talkback Friday April 12, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Jennifer Horn will host Talkback for the first hour with a live broadcast from Phoenix Az. It is CRN's Coverage of the Western Broadband Spring Swing Charity for local youth organizations.
(Information at 480 244 7765 or 480 250 8159)

My Guest for the second hour :

Joe Guzzardi, CAPS (Californians for population stabilization) Senior Writing Fellow. His Op-eds about California social issues have appeared in newspapers throughout California and elsewhere for over 15 years. In 2003 he was candidate for California Governor. For 25 years he taught English as a second language to immigrants from all over the world for the Lodi Ca Unified School Dist. in 2008 he retired and moved to Pittsburgh Pa. Many of his articles appear at VDARE.Com. "Joe was at the rally in WDC for immigration reform" (www.capsweb.org) (www.Dailyworld.com) (www.vdare.com) (http://www.cagle.com)

Michael Connelly is a constitutional attorney, U.S. Army veteran and executive director of The United States Justice Foundation (USJF).He is also a freelance writer and the author of four books. Michael has a weekly radio show on the Internet called “Our Constitution” and has recently published a pocket-sized booklet by the same name that takes every article, section and amendment to the Constitution and details what they actually mean.(http://usjf.net) Michael is now also teaching a course online titled "Constitutional Law: Bill of Rights." Find out about the course and sign up at
www.libertyfirstclass.com. "Today discussing: Our Guns & Rights Taken Away cuz of Sandy Hook!"


Thursday, April 11, 2013

4/11 John LeBoutillier,Dr Jerome Corsi,Marc Morano,Jonathan Emord

Talkback Thursday April 11, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

John LeBoutillier Former U.S. Congressman nationally recognized political commentator. Writer for Newsmax.Com and Boots Blast. In 1980 He was elected to represent New York's 6th District, becoming the youngest member of the 97th Congress. author of Harvard Hates America."From the blog:Why Do Pres. Obama's Ratings Continue to Fall? " (www.Johnlebout.com) (www.newsmax.com)

Dr. Jerome Corsi has written and coauthored many books and articles, including the #1 New York Times bestseller, Unfit for Command . His latest book is Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square. Corsi is the founder of the Iran Freedom Walk. He also serves as WND's senior staff reporter, Corsi is a senior managing director at Gilford Securities."Discussing the just released new book Bad Samaritans" (www.wnd.com) (www.gilfordsecurities.com)

Marc Morano global warming expert and executive director of ClimateDepot.com a news website that regularly publishes information refuting the existence of human-induced global warming. ClimateDepot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow—a conservative think-tank, based out of Washington, D.C."New Climate Scandal: Will AP & NYT Retract Articles?! ‘Gross misrepresentation of the findings’ of New Hockey Stick Paper" (www.climatedepot.com)

Jonathan W. Emord is an attorney who practices constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies. He has defeated the FDA in federal court a remarkable eight times, seven on First Amendment grounds, and is the author of Amazon bestsellers The Rise of Tyranny, and Global Censorship of Health Information.His latest book is "Restore the Republic" He is also the American Justice columnist for U.S.A. Today Magazine, and writes for News With Views.Com "His latest THANK YOU, PRESIDENT REAGAN: also The Mayor who Would Be King" (www.Emord.com) (www.newswithviews.com)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/9 Larry Pratt,Kimberly Dvorak,Bob Beauprez,Marshall Frank

Talkback Tuesday Apr 9, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for 30 years. Pratt published, Armed People Victorious, in 1990 and was editor of a book, Safeguarding Liberty: The Constitution & Militias, 1995. His latest book is “On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty.” Pratt has held elective office in the state legislature of Virginia, serving in the House of Delegates." Congress Trying Tactful Tricks to Take Our Guns! (http://gunowners.org/)

Kimberly Dvorak National Homeland Security correspondent. For the San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner. She also writes for Human Events and the Washington Guardian. Correspondent for CW News 6 in San Digo. She has covered local, national and international news stories for more than 15 years."Her recent articles including:72 percent of likely voters say enforce current immigration laws"
(http://www.examiner.com/homeland-security-in-national/kimberly-dvorak) (http://www.washingtonguardian.com ) (http://www.humanevents.com)

Bob Beauprez Former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 7th Congressional District of Colorado. Nominee for governor of Colorado in 2006,, Publisher of the monthly E-Magazine called A Line Of Sight ,a public policy and opinion resource on current political issues. He is the author of A Return to Values: "From his blog: March Jobs Madness - Deja vu all over again"
(http://www.alineofsight.com) (http://bobbeauprez.com/)

Marshall Frank , is a retired captain from the Metro-Dade Police department in Miami, Florida, where he spent the majority of his thirty years investigating murders or commanding those who did .Frank is a regular editorial columnist for Florida Today newspaper. He recently wrote the suspense novel entitled, “The Upside To Murder.” and his latest Messages: Short Stories For The Thoughtful. Marshall maintains a blog site where he posts stimulating articles about a myriad of subjects, from politics, crime, social issues, radical Islam and even motion pictures." His recent articles: DR. JOSEPH H. DAVIS, M.E, REMEMBERED, also FROM WITHIN" (http://www.marshallfrank.com/)


Monday, April 8, 2013

4/8-Frank Morano Fills In For Chuck Wilder

Frank Morano fills in today for Chuck Wilder Today.

Frank Morano is a radio talk show host and Executive Producer on AM 970 The Answer in NYC and Staten Island's favorite son. Prior to coming to the AM970 in December of 2009, he was a long time employee of 77WABC, where amongst his responsibilities, he helmed the award winning "Curtis and Kuby" show. His on-air coverage of all four trials of John Gotti Junior was wildly popular both in terms of ratings and critical acclaim. He is a talk radio addict, with a passion for local NYC talk. In addition to his radio work, he's hosted a Variety/Talk TV show called "Morano Vision", which earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest live TV talk show marathon. He's a protégé of TV/Radio talk legend Joe Franklin, whose influence can be observed in Morano's inimitable method of story telling. He's also been a leader in the independent political movement in New York State and is one of the foremost experts on third party and independent politics in NY.  His other areas of interest include gin, anything related to William Shatner, bocce and the New York Mets.

Friday, April 5, 2013

4/5 Michael Maloof,Rose Colombo,Dr Kevin Coach Collins

Talkback Friday Apr 5, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

F. Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he has almost 30 years of federal service in the U.S.Defense Department and as a specialized trainer for border guards and Special Forces in select countries. Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States, Mike was detailed back to report directly to the undersecretary of defense for policy to prepare analysis of worldwide terrorist networks.He is the author of the book "A Nation Forsaken"," Discussing U.S. ON ALERT FOR NUCLEAR BLAST OVERHEAD"

Rose Colombo Author FIGHT BACK LEGAL ABUSE How to Protect Yourself From Your Own Attorney. She was thrust into the dark side of justice; but years later the media coin her as a "Crusader for Equal Justice" Discussing "Same Sex Couples Demand State Marriage License and Divorce Rights?"
(http://www.fightbacklegalabuse.com/) Blog (http://rose4justice.wordpress.com/)

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins, Author of Crooks, Thugs and Bigots: The Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democratic Party. He is the founder of the blog Coach is Right.Com, member of American Mensa and the Sons of the American Revolution, holds a doctoral degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Viet Nam era Marine and a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop, for many years he has been an adjunct professor of Behavioral Science at several colleges in the NYC area. His love of playing and teaching basketball has brought him the name; he is known as, to his friends: “Coach " A look at some of his latest articles including: "The Ultimate aim of the Gay “marriage” plot is putting the Catholic Church in an “either or” trap" (www.Coachisright.Com)


Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4 Gregory Williams Jr,Mike Cutler,Alan Caruba

Talkback Thursday Apr 4, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. Staff reporter and media coordinator for CNS News .Com ." Discussing DHS Explains Plans To Buy 1.6B Rounds Of Ammo also his report: 70,291,049 Background Checks for Gun Purchases Under Obama"

Michael Cutler, Senior Fellow at CAPS Californians for Population Stabilization ,, host of the Radio program- “The Michael Cutler Hour.” Mike has testified as an expert witness at numerous Congressional hearings on issues relating to the enforcement of immigration laws in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.His articles can be found at Capsweb.org. News With Views.Com , Family Security Matters and more." Discussing his testimony at The March 20, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing which Mike testified"
(michaelcutler.net) (www.capsweb.org) (www.newswithviews.com)(www.talkborder.com)

Alan Caruba Founder of The National Anxiety Center he is the Editor of the blog Facts Not Fantasy. Author of "Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy" and "Warning Signs" "His latest including: Is National Poetry Month an Oxymoron? also Coldest UK Easter in 100 Years and more"
(http://factsnotfantasy.blogspot.com/ ) (http://www.caruba.com/)(www.bookviews.com)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4/3-Jennifer Horn and PJ Ochlan Fill In for Chuck Wilder

Jennifer Horn and PJ Ochlan Fill In for Chuck Wilder Today.

Born in Los Angeles, Jennifer was a true radio brat from the start.  Her dad, Michael Horn, grew up loving, living and breathing radio as he worked for KFI, KRLA, KROQ and KIEV.  In 1983, Michael launched CRN Digital Talk Radio.  When Jennifer turned 12, CRN became a true family business, as she spent her summers organizing carts and records, screening calls and answering office phones.

After getting a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Jennifer had an opportunity to do fill in host duties on CRN's PM Show.  The listeners responded to Jennifer's friendly and unique perspective on pop culture and the issues of the day.  

Jennifer joined the cast of Doug Stephan's Good Day show in 2006, where she quickly became the TV reporter, in addition to her co-host duties providing Doug and the gang with a young woman's look at politics, entertainment, relationships and lifestyle topics.  

In addition to Good Day, Jennifer co-hosts several shows for CRN including What's Cookin' on Wine, The Oregon Wine Report, The Robert Conrad Show and The PM Show.  Jennifer is a voice-over artist and has done work in several movies and commercials.  

In her spare time, Jennifer loves traveling, wine tasting (she is a sommelier), sports and keeping up on the latest pop culture news!

P.J. Ochlan is a veteran of both the entertainment and epicurean worlds; two paths which cross often in his career.

An actor of more than 25 years, P.J. has appeared on Broadway, starred in several critically acclaimed films, performed in the historic New York Shakespeare Festival, and in countless television shows including four series regular roles.
In radio, P.J. has been an on-air personality for 10 years, with programs on several Southern California stations.
In the fine wine and culinary worlds P.J. served as a general manager, sommelier and wine educator for celebrity chef Joachim Splichal’s Patina Group, and general manager of Cobblestone Vineyards.
Combining his varied talents, P.J. often hosts programs and events ranging from performing arts to culinary arts.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4/2 Dr David Hogberg,Doug Book,David Bego,Coach Dave Daudenmire

Talkback Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

David Hogberg, Ph.D., is a health care policy analyst for the National Center for Public Policy Research. Previously, he was a Washington Correspondent for Investor's Business Daily, specializing in his coverage of health care and Medicare. Dr. Hogberg holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Iowa. He is currently working on a book entitled Medicare's Victims: How The U.S. Government's Largest Health Care System Harms Patients And Impairs Physicians."Ready for Obamacare?.. 45 states plus DC - most will see double-digit premium increase hikes" (www. nationalcenter.org)

Doug Book Columnist for the Blog Coach is Right. His articles appear under the banner ”By The Book” Doug is a retired Buick Dealer living in Owensboro, Ky. He grew up in Pittsburgh attended Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. Vanderbilt Grad School. English Major and Doug’s hobbies include shooting. "Obama demands sheriffs enforce federal gun control legislation whether constitutional or not"

David A Bego Author of The Devil at OUR Doorstep, this book stems from his actual firsthand experience while waging war with Andy Stern and the SEIU from late 2006 until present day. He has been fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today, he has lived the experience while under attack from Stern and his union thugs."Time for Republicans to Go On the Offensive!"

 Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries www.ptsalt.com and Minutemen United www.minutemenunited.org, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio. In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. You can find his articles at News With Views.Com " Dropping the Baton"


Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1-Fred Dryer and Mike Horn Fill In for Chuck Wilder

Fred Dryer and Mike Horn Fill In for Chuck Wilder Today. 

John Frederick "Fred" Dryer (born July 6, 1946 in Hawthorne, California) is an American actor and former football defensive end in theNational Football League (NFL). Dryer played 13 years in the NFL, playing 176 games, starting 166, and recording 104 career sacks with theNew York Giants and Los Angeles Rams. Dryer is the only NFL player to score two safeties in one game. 

Following his retirement from football, Dryer had a successful career as a film and television actor, notably starring in the series Hunter. His height (6'6" or 1.98 m) and physique was useful for his action roles. Don't miss Fred's new show where he gives his brutally honest take on politics.