Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thu Mar 4, 2010

Talkback Thu Mar 4, 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PST

Nicholas Ballasy CNS News.Com Video Reporter "Pelosi says Public Option Health care plan remains very popular in the public, Gallup polls disagree with her"

Ned Ryun President of American Majority, The Left posing as the Right Wing on Radio shows"The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America has quietly launched an initiative aimed at making Obama supporters' voices heard on the largely conservative airwaves."

Devvy Kidd
News With Views.Com , Founder and Director of the Project On Winning Economic Reform.
Her latest "Will Vote Fraud Determine Upcoming Primaries- Again?" The Republican and Democratic parties are well greased, well run corrupt enterprises who did nothing to stop the fraud and in fact, opened the door for more:"

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