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Mon Feb 1, 2010

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Adam Andrzejewski Rep Candidate for Illinois Governor "Illinois can you say Scott Brown?" An Illinois Tea Party’s straw poll result just released is showing GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski ahead.

Andrew Klavan Hollywood Screenwriter and best Selling Author " A look at the OSCAR Nominations and what's wrong with Avatar?"

Robert Spencer Director of Jihad Watch ,author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, The Truth about Muhammad, Stealth Jihad and his latest The Complete Infidels Guide to The Koran" His latest article "Secretary of State Clinton,Opening the door to a Stealth Jihadist"

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Fri Jan 29 , 2010

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Mary Starrett Spokesperson for the The fast-growing Constitution Party," America’s ‘Tea Party Party’, is calling President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech a desperate attempt to calm America’s outrage at an out of control Federal government"

Dan Kish Vice President of policy for the Institute For Energy Research " Obama says in his speech "More oil exploration" but his interior secretary outlines rules that will make it more difficult and expensive to produce American energy.

Jim Kouri Vice President of National Association of Chiefs of Police, News With and Examiner.Com " In his speech President Barack Obama takes credit for the success of the Iraq War even though he was a bitter opponent of the successful troop surge implemented by President George W. Bush "

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Thu Jan 28, 2010

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Emily Schaeffer She is a Research Fellow and Director of the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation at the Independent Institute and Assistant Professor of Economics at San Jose State University. A look at President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night . A year into his presidency, we’ve seen the U.S. become further entrenched in foreign affairs and a hyped-up health care bill stagnate in Congress, all set against a backdrop of increased unemployment and economic uncertainty.

Al Garza Founder and President of the Patriots Coalition , also Founder of America Speaks out a committee of Americans of Hispanic Heritage " HR 1026 the No Amnesty Bill , and a look at the force behind the Open Borders Organizations"

Colleen Raezler The Media Research Institute , their challenge to CBS TV to stand their ground and air the Pro- Life Tim Tebow Super Bowl Add .

James Fulford Editor of VDARE.Com “Race to the Top” education initiative—which is the administration’s version of George W. Bush’s much derided “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) legislation.
Obama’s initiative is doomed to be as much of a failure as NCLB as both fail to take into account certain realities.

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Wed Jan 27, 2010

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Carl Braun an analyst for the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group and he's logged 5,000-plus hours on the border. He has written several books including his most recent on Border Insecurity, "Above All Else". His article from Examiner.Com " Haiti illegal aliens raise the stakes on immigration debate"

Christopher Neefus CNS News.Com "President Obama’s national security adviser, claims that the administration had seen “unprecedented” success in rallying the world against Iran through its strategy of engagement."

Marc Thiessen author of the shocking new book Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack,the first book to defend the CIA's enhanced interrogation program--how it worked, why it worked, what we learned and why Obama's dismantling of the program has put America in grave danger."

Rob Sanchez Job Destruction Newsletter, VDARE.Com and fellow writer for CAPS "Boondoggle: High-Tech High School In Phoenix, also talking about Britain and US Visa's Both visas are almost identical inname, purpose, and the harmful effects it has on its citizens. The similarities between the two visas are no coincidence because world trade conferences and seminars are held to standardize visas and to harmonizeimmigration policies worldwide."

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Tue Jan 26, 2010

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Audra Russell With the Jeremiah Denton Foundation , Getting Aid to Haiti, the most critical needs for the people is water, food and shelter.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center "Omitting for Obama , it wasn't the main stream media it was radio, blogs, and Fox News that broke the stories in 2009 of scandals in the Obama administration while the old networks ignored them. "

Chuck Baldwin News With Views.Com "PRESIDENT OBAMA ESTABLISHES "COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS" The steps to lay the foundation for extensive military police action within the United States."

ILANA Mercer A US-based, classical liberal writer. She pens a popular weekly column—“Return to Reason”—for , Ilana also contributes to VDARE.COM, the foremost authority on immigration policy. She is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, an independent, non-profit economic policy think tank."Her latest Haiti: Trade in Voodoo for values, A different set of beliefs animates Haitian society, and helps explain its helplessness and hopelessness."

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Mon Jan 25, 2010

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Mary Tootikian Mortgage expert and insider author of Stunned in America: The Sub-Crime Mortgage Crisis, What the media isn’t telling you and what the banks don’t want you to know,

Joseph Farah Founder, editor and CEO of WND.Com and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. His book "Taking America Back: A Radical Plan to Revive Freedom, Morality and Justice. Joe is one of the select speakers for the National Tea Party Convention in February , His latest " No Seat for Wall Street at Tea Party"

Janice Kephart Former border counsel to the 9/11 Commission and currently serves as National Security Policy Director at the Center for Immigration Studies " 'Fixing Flores: Assuring Adequate Penalties for Identity Theft and Fraud,'"

Larry Pratt Executive Director of Gun Owners of America" Concealed Weapons Permits Just Got a Lot Easier!"

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Fri Jan 22, 2010

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Sharon Cooper Georgia State Rep ,She is currently serving her seventh term as the State Representative for the 41st District of Georgia "How Can Americans Take Back Their Government?"

Fritz Wenzel President of Wenzel Strategies a public opinion research and media/communications consulting company "Looking at President Obama's First Year "

Mary Tocco Expert on Vaccinations and their connection to childhood illness." The Vaccine War Continues into 2010 and your right to say no, also an update on Swine Flu"

Frosty Wooldridge Author: America On The Brink, writer for News With Views.Com "MUSLIMS IN 21 ST Century Part 18: Warnings from Europeans concerning the onslaught of Islam"

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Thu Jan 21, 2010

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John M. O'Hara is Assistant Director of Communications at The Heartland Institute. Previously, he worked in the U.S. Department of Labor for Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao, He is the Author of the New Book A New American Tea Party

John Wohlstetter founder and editor of the blog “Letter from the Capitol, ℠” and author of the book The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us. He is a senior fellow of technology and Democracy at Discovery Institute. "Is the FBI Tapping Your Phone?"

Wes Vernon Washington based Writer and Veteran Broadcast Journalist , His latest article from "The Rino Factor in 2010"

Marc Morano Founder and President " Global Warming Being Thrown Under the Bus as New Replacement Environmental Scare is Sought"

Wed Jan 20, 2010

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Terence P. Jeffrey Editor in Chief CNS News.Com " A look at yesterdays Massachusetts Senate Election"

Tim Downs Author and terrorism expert ,His recent book "Ends of the Earth" explores the possibility of agro-terrorism, what it would mean for our food supply, and what the recent errors in intelligence say about our national security.

Frank Salvato Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for "With the questions from his latest article :The Janus Face of the Progressive Democrats :America, when exactly did we come to tolerate politicians lying to us – bald-faced –about things that actually matter? When did we start to put up with being lied to by our elected officials and accepting it as the status quo?"

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Tue Jan 19, 2010

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Peter Brimelow Founder of VDARE.Com , Former Editor of Forbes,The Financial Post and National Review " Should Aid to Haiti Include an Amnesty?"

Ken Klukowski Fellow and Senior Legal Analyst with the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) "The Tenth Amendment and Obamacare. -- Why the Democrats and the White House may be in for the shock of their lives."

Slater Bakhtavar Author: Iran the Green movement " The White House is now crafting new financial sanctions specifically designed to punish the Iranian entities and individuals most directly involved in the crackdown on Iran's dissident forces the Green movement"

Chelsea Schilling World Net Daily.Com " The Democrats Plan :To Steal The Vote, also The Tea Party Convention in Nashville Feb 4 thru the 6 with Sarah Palin as guest speaker is Sold Out"

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Mon Jan 18, 2010

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Joe Lloya Father in law of Former Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos " Ramos is asking for a retrial"

Tom Borelli " Director, Free Enterprise Project – National Center for Public Policy Research" stimulus funds to climate scientist Michael Mann"

Al Primo Author: Eye Witness News Man " Obama's First State of the Union Speech is in Scheduling Limbo, does T.V. have that much power?"

Ronald Kessler Chief Washington Correspondent for Newsmax.Com " Michael Steele has lost the support of his party"

Dave Gibson Norfolk Examiner.Com "New book Replacing Americans, soon to be released also discussing some of his latest articles" MSNBC HOST advocates voter fraud in tomorrows election and Saudi Men Taken off Plane in Detroit, on a Tuesday in January"

Fri Jan 15,2010

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Robert Peters President of Morality in Media "Adult Internet Sex Porn is Corrupting Kids"

Brenda Walker VDARE.Com "Could Diversity in the NYPD Make It Easier For Terrorist?"

Jon Christian Ryter Conservative World " Another Year Gone By..and the Wishes of the Globalists are..."

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Thu Jan 14, 2010

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Matt Cover CNS " White House Nominee for the Transportation Security Administration ,Erroll Southers puts the War On Terror on same level as Global Warming,and warns of Christians Pro-Life Advocates"

Peyton Knight Editor for the O'Leary Report"
Secrecy, bribes and lies guide health care bill "

Don Collins " Dems ask for REAL ID, an urgent fix for the US Security"

Rev Cannon Dobbs Head of CANA'S Church and Islam Project " North Korea is once again on top of the World List for Persecuting Christians"

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Wed Jan 13, 2010

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Edwin Mora CNS News.Com "Obama's Schools Chief , has had no Class Room experience, was a tutor in a basement"

Rev Jesse Lee Peterson President and Founder of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND),Is Harry Reid a racist?"

Wafa Sultan Author "A God Who Hates." Time magazine chose her as "One of the 100 Most Influential People in the World" after she appeared in a series of controversial interviews on Al Jazeera and inflamed the Muslim world.

Patricia Susan Slaughter PHD Job Search Specialist and author of Your Exclusive Destiny.

Tue Jan 12, 2010

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Robby Dilmore A 35-year veteran of the automobile world and host of The Christian Car Guy radio program "China Ends U.S.’s Reign as Largest Auto Market "

Dan Gainor Vice President of the Business and media Institute "Obama's First Year had the Most Jobs Lost since 1940"

Mike Cutler Center for Immigration Studies, News With Views.Com and Fellow Writer for CAPS " Watching the Border: The Virtual Fence and ,"The War On Terror, are we safe and what steps should the Administration be taking?"

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Mon Jan 11, 2010

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Pete Sepp Vice President of Policy and Communication for the National Taxpayers Union " What's going on at the I.R.S.,The Tax Agency is $ 32 Billion short"

John Armor is of legal counsel to the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU). He holds a B.A., Yale, and J.D., Maryland Law School, . He has practiced in various state and federal courts, including 33 years in the U.S. Supreme Court. He has expertise in Supreme Court cases, First Amendment, and federal judiciary. He has authored seven books and more than 750 articles published to date. " Discussing the petition to move the KSM trial from New York City" Petition at

Jim Kouri Vice President National Association of Chiefs of Police, News With and"Amidst continued calls for her to resign or be removed from her post , Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano comes up with her own laundry list of anti-terrorism recommendations."

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Fri Jan 8, 2010

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Bob Chapman Former U.S. Army counter-intelligence agent, publisher of the International Forecaster " President Obama in a stunning move just before Christmas signed an executive order to grant INTERPOL full diplomatic immunity on American soil"

Bill Lussenheide Candidate for Congress Ca. Dist 45 " Discussing the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) , and how the Nation's biggest cargo container hubs are in danger of losing it's jobs and materials to Mexico. 2.5 Million fewer containers in 2009"

Joy Tiz Author: Obamanutz A Cult Leader Takes The White House " Her latest article The Obama Purges begin , Democrats abandoned plans to run for re-election"

Glenn Spencer Founder President of American Patrol " Aztlan crowd Derechos Humanos to demonstrate against Americas number one sheriff, Joe Arpaio January 16, also Glenn reports the System Works..that is his system on the border"

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Thu Jan 7, 2010

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David North Center For Immigration Studies "Lessons From The Last Amnesty"

Carleigh Cooper Author : Cell Phones and the Dark Deception "Researching the effects of cell phone radiation on the human body"

Drew Zahn World Net Daily.Com " 2009 Worst Attacks On Christianity"

Ed Marshall Author: The Peace Prescription " Five Key Steps We Can take To Prevent Wars"

Wed Jan 6, 2010

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Jerome R. Corsi Senior Staff Reporter for WND Author of :Showdown with Nuclear Iran also Atomic Iran "Iran Accepts Non-Deadline on Nuclear Talks, also After seven months of murder, rape and torture, the arrests of hundreds of dissidents, and a brutal crackdown in the streets, the theocratic regime has failed to turn back the movement."

Rob Sanchez The Job Destruction News Letter , and fellow writer for CAPS " Diversity Visas, also could APEX be investigated for H-1B fraud and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions does that mean employers will be forced to hire Americans now? Not necessarily"