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Wed Feb 3, 2010

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Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PST

Julia Seymore Of the Business and Media Institute "Media ignores 83 Million Dollars Corporate Charity Relief to Haiti" In total, our fellow American citizens have sent over $275 million dollars to aid in Haiti’s relief efforts. An entire third (1/3) of this - $83 million - is from corporate charity. And it was given despite the recession, financial uncertainty and economic instability. Yet many in the media have all but ignored the tremendous contributions made by American businesses.

Robert Peters President of Morality in Media " Smut Shock Value to be tested on Super Bowl, CBS appears to be flirting with backlash disaster once again. Only this time, any benefit of the doubt it may have had regarding whether or not Jackson’s “malfunction” was not accidental, is out the window"

Tommy Newberry Author of The War on Success: How the Obama Agenda is Shattering the American Dream, With the unemployment rate stuck at 10%, Obama's stimulus package is simply not working. His "change" has made unemployment rise, and he is standing in the way of the success of every American."

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