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Thu Feb 18, 2010

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Dan Kish Vice President of Energy policy at the Institute for Energy Research "Report: 79% of Stimulus Funds for Renewable Energy Went Overseas"

Bill Johnson running for the Kentucky seat being left vacant by Republican Jim Bunning, another retiring incumbent "Many Dems Bowing Out Before Bad Ballot Blowout! What does this preemptive exodus mean for President Obama and the leftist agenda in Washington?

Larry Klayman who founded Judicial Watch and later established Freedom Watch USA to battle corruption and fight for basic rights around the globe, has filed a lawsuit against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the death of a freedom protester "

Ken Timmerman Contributing Editor for NewsMax.Com ,His article 'Is the Voice of America Pro-Iran?" An internal struggle within the Voice of America (VOA) over its news coverage of Iran is spewing outside the agency as veteran staffers claim the channel tilts coverage in favor of the Tehran regime.


  1. Re today's guest Kenneth R. Timmerman: He has done great service to the country in his work, and in particular in writing "Shakedown: exposing the real Jesse Jackson." The self-promoting, race-hustler Jackson is currently in in Portland, OR, rising up from Chicago like Dracula from his coffin to blood-suck media attention by accusing a Portland cop of an "execution" of a black man who was raving, out-of-control, threatening harm to himself and others, many of whom called 911 and asked for police help because the raving man "had a gun." The media continues to fawn over and kowtow to Jackson despite utter lack of character, integrity, or credibility as has been detailed in facts set out by Ken Timmerman's "Shakedown: exposing the real Jesse Jackson," which is an extremely valuable resource for learning the truth about Jackson, including the facts on his self-ordination as a "Reverend" without benefit of theological or divinity degree (he dropped out of seminary after six months), without benefit of ordination for some 35 years, and without ever pastoring a church. We ought to be grateful that Jackson that he only wanted to usurp the title, ,"The Reverend Jesse Jackson" and not "His Holiness The Pope."

  2. Thank God for Larry Klayman, he founded Judical Watch and with their use of the Freedom of Information Act, we are able to keep up with the corupt Obama Administration, Well most of what they are up to anyway.