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James Lansberry President of the Alliance of Health Care Ministries " Virginia Democratic Controlled Legislature says Obama Health Care Plan is Illegal"

Wesley J Smith Author of A RAT IS A PIG IS A DOG IS A BOY distinguishes between animal welfare and animal rights. " Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, believes that animals should have standing to sue in court"

David North Consultant for The Center For Immigration Studies , His Article" What do you do with a Visa program with a fraud rate of 30-33 % ?"

Danielle Joy Linhart, Domestic Abuse Survivor turned Advocate, author of From Deep Within: Blind and Bruised, "Parents BEWARE, Is Your Teenager Getting Hurt? February Is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month"

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    Barack Hussein Obama, after saying in the State of the Union that the focus would be "jobs, jobs, jobs," came is now saying he is pushing his televised allegedly bi-partisan discussion on healthcare, allegedly to ascertain the views of Republicans -- in which he has had no interest for over a year, until the failure of both the bill and his popularity.

    Obama did so in a "surprise" appearance at the daily press briefing. Obama flatly states he does not intend to scrap the existing Obamacare Bill but it, that 2,000-page monstrosity, shall be the basis of bi-partisan discussions. He states he wants to hear the Republicans proposals (which, of course, have been available for a year). He states he might accept some things the Republicans want in it, i.e., the existing Obamacare Bill. But Obama does not say one word to explain his revelatory recent admission that some unidentified persons "snuck" into his Obamacare Bill unidentified "things" which in fact negate all his promises that Americans can keep their own doctors and insurance if they wish if his legislation passes.

    How can anyone, including anyone in the media, not be astounded that Obama is taking the position the only subject that can be the basis of bi-partisan approaches to health care reform is discussion on the very Bill that he, himself, has said has been corrupted by persons who "snuck" various "things" into it making lies of all his prior guarantees on the right of citizens to keep their own doctors if they choose?

    Not only did Obama not address that, not one journalist at the media briefing, pressed Obama to explain just who are those persons who "snuck" things into his Bill, what are those "things," and why has he done nothing about it, except to casually expose it when he showed up at the GOP retreat.

    Further, not one of the print or broadcast media that I have read, heard, or seen, has raised the questions that need to be answered before there can be any meaningful bi-partisan discussion of the Bill which Obama contends is the only corpus on which there can be bi-partisan discussion, i.e., who "snuck" what into the Obamacare Bill at issue, when, how, and why -- and why has Obama done nothing to demand that those "things" be stripped out?

    Moreover, although the Republican leadership has been heard from regarding the shaky integrity of Obama's apparent television kabuki session, not one, as far as I know, has said that at a minimum Obama must first flesh out with facts, naming names, his revelation that someone "snuck" things into the Obamacare Bill which negate all his prior promises that Americans could keep their own doctors and insurance if they chose.

    How can any American believe Obama to credible, or to be possessed of even a modicum of integrity, when he admits that the unidentified persons have "snuck" unidentified "thinks" into his Obamacare Bill which deprive Americans of the right to keep their own doctors and insurance, and yet with a straight fact tells the nation that the American people have turned against the Bill not because of its substance, but because of the "process."

    Why cannot the "Leader of the Free World," the recipient of the Noble Peace Prize, the 'Post Racial President," the transformative political figure of our time, simply state the true facts underlying his own admission that someone has "snuck" things into the Obamacare Bill which even he opposes, since it makes a lie of all his prior promises?

    Unless and until he does, he does not have, does not deserve, and should not have, any credibility whatsoever about purported good faith bi-partisanship.