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James Fulford Assistant Director of VDARE.Com " Mc Cain Vs. J.D. Hayworth, is it Pay back Time? " is this an opportunity for conservatives in the GOP to pay back Sen. McCain and the liberal wing of the Republican party.

Willie Jolley author of the new book, TURN SETBACKS INTO GREENBACKS , Today talking about Forbes 3rd annual Most Miserable Cities in America, The Misery Index"

Rees Lloyd Civil Rights Attorney , Director of veterans Memorials Project of the American legion, Today in Studio Co-Hosting with Me

David Kupelian Discussing his Hot new book How Evil Works it explains the destructive forces at work in the U.S. David is also The author of The Marketing of Evil and managing editor of WorldNetDaily.com "

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  1. http://www.missioninnmuseum.com/collect_missions/mis00010.htm
    These are some sites with Mt. Rubidoux information and photos.

    The Father Junipero Serra and Peace Tower Crosses
    as well as the Riverside symbol, the Raintree Cross and Mission Bell
    have been challenged by the ACLU!!! lol

    I can't remember the exact reasoning that defeated the ACLU,
    but it seems to me it went something like...
    Mt. Rubidoux was given to the people of Riverside with the Cross in place.
    It may be that if the Cross is removed, the property goes back to the Miller family!?!
    Also, the Crosses are part of our Riverside history and as such cannot be removed : )
    If other cities, such as Redlands and LA would just stand up and call the bluff
    of the ACLU, they too would be able to keep this symbol of our
    Historic California Heritage for generations to come.

    The raincross, according to illustrations in the distionary, actually is a Patriarchal Cross.
    But possibly for the purpose of easily defeating the ACLU using a little Native American PCism,
    the raincross was presented as a representation of the South American Indian symbol
    used to encourage the gods to bring rain, or some such argument. Whatever...
    it worked, and the Raintree Cross and Mission Bell symbol are now so popular throughout Riverside,
    some of the local gangs have adopted it for their logo.

    LA caved and substituted the Native American goddess of grain : )
    for the original Mission Cross. Of course, that's not religious. rotflol
    If I remember correctly, am pretty sure Redlands freaked out at the mere mention
    of an ACLU challenge to a symbol of their Religious Heritage.

    Still listening as often as I can to your program Chuck.

    An old God fearing Patriot who grew up in Riverside...

    PS: Regarding the anchor baby bill of Jeff Miller...
    They need to look at the original intent of the forteenth amendment.
    According to this, none of these anchor/bingo babies are actually American Citizens.
    They need to rewrite this bill and stand firm. These are not children of slaves.
    There are millions of grown anchor babies in America. These are not Citizens of the USA,
    no matter how many times, nor how loudly MALDEF, the media, etc. insist they are!
    They're using the old tell the big lie scam. And people don't know any better.
    While he is at it...this bill should add a clause to end dual citizenship!
    A citizen cannot have loyalty to two opposing nations.