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Dale Robertson President of " The Tea Party is planning it's next move, and is Palin planning a run in 2012 ?"

Tracey Driskell, Just in time for Valentines Day she is coauthor of The 5th Day Plan: A Simple System for Restoring and Recharging Your Marriage,tips that are sure to score major points with your sweetheart.

James Mc Garth Morris Author :Pulitzer A Life in Politics, Print and Power "The epic rise and tragic decline of the American icon who transformed the press and created the modern mass media.

April Horowitz Founder of Heart of A Horse ( "Due to today's economic climate more and more owners are ceasing to feed their horses or are simply abandoning them, Heart of a Horse is a rescue for rescues. Using donations, Heart of a Horse supplies feed and medical care to horse rescues, foster farms and organizations that utilize rescue horses in a positive way"

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  1. Thanks for Dale Robertson
    What are the Tea Party Non-negotiable core beliefs?
    Illegal Aliens are illegal.
    Pro-Domestic Employment is indispensable.
    Stronger Military is essential.
    Gun ownership is sacred.
    Government must be downsized.
    National Budget must be balanced.
    Deficit Spending will end.
    Bail-out and Stimulus Plans are illegal.
    Reduce Personal Income Taxes a must.
    Reduce Business Income Taxes is mandatory.
    Intrusive Government Stopped.
    English only is required.
    Traditional Family Values are encouraged.
    Common Sense Constitutional Conservative Self-Governance is our mode of operation.

    ....and Yes, we are a Christian Nation!

    The Tea Party must stay independent or we shall die.