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Lauren Teton, Editor of SnowboardSecrets.com "A crash course in one of the most exciting sports to watch during the Winter Olympics. "

Penny Starr Senior Staff Writer for CNS News.COM " Taxpayers Paid Federal Workers More Than $400 Million to Stay Home on Last Week's Snow Days"

Rob Sanchez Job Destruction Newsletter, VDARE.Com and Fellow Writer for CAPS " Bill Gates Scholarships Exclude White Kids"

Jesse Cannone Author: The 7-Day Back Pain Cure , He says you don't need a Chiropractor ,the cure for back pain is simple"

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  1. Comrades, Colleagues, and Patriots:
    Allow me to recommend to you a book just published by a contemporary military hero and patriot, Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor recipient for his heroism as a "Dust Off" helicopter rescue pilot in the Vietnam War.
    I believe that his book, DEAD MEN FLYING, The Legend of Dust Off: America's Battlefield Angels," published by Meriam Press (www.meriam-press.com), is a "must read" book which tells of the humanitarian efforts and achievements of American troops while the Vietnam war was being fought -- and as those troops, Vietnam veterans, were being vilified as "war criminals" and "baby killers" at home by John Kerry, Jane Fonda, dedicated leftist revolutionaries, and most of the media.
    "I believe that the humanitarian acts of Americans serving in Vietnam are unique, and unparalleled in the history of warfare," Gen. Brady states. "It has happened before that humanitarian efforts were carried out after war ended. But in Vietnam, American fighting men and women carried out great humanitarian works as the war raged. And I don't mean just "Dust Off" pilots and crews, although they rescued not only our American wounded, but also carried Vietnamese men, women, and children out of harm's way, including even the enemy. I mean American troops generally who built hospitals, schools, and engaged in so many other humanitarian efforts even as combat continued. They were magnificent, and their story needs to be told."
    In "Dead Men Flying," that story is told by Gen. Brady, whose heroic service to America in war continued in peace. Gen. Brady, among many other things, served for more than a decade as the chairman and dynamic leading voice of the Citizens Flag Alliance of The American Legion, fighting for adoption by Congress of the Flag Amendment, which allow Americans to vote on whether the Constitution should be amended to provide for protection of the American Flag from desecration -- and effort which came within one (1) vote of adoption under the leadership of Gen. Brady, before the make-up of Congress changed.
    While Gen. Brady continues to make the fight, he stepped down from that position in order to write this true history of Americans at war in Vietnam, written with his daughter, Meghan Brady Smith -- who, herself, received the Bronze Star for her service in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an Army combat officer.
    General George Washington, addressing soldiers of his Revolutionary Army, citizen soldiers in rags facing the greatest military power on earth in the War of Independence, said, "The fate of unborn millions now depends, under God, on the courage of this army. We must resolve to conquer; or die."
    We of this era, are those "unborn millions" of Americans; and the fate of "unborn millions" of future Americans now depends, under God, on us. Gen. Brady, who was known as "the GI's General," has met that duty, and served that mission, humbly and heroically, in war and in peace, including by the writing of this book revealing the unknown, or ignored, history of the humanitarian acts of Americans at war in Vietnam.
    I urge every veteran, every American, to read this important, and, indeed, necessary book, by a true American hero and patriot, telling the true history of those he considers to be his heroes: The GI's, the ordinary American citizen-soldiers who served with honor in Vietnam.
    (Life Member and Judge Advocate Riverside Post 79,
    Past Commander and Scribe, District 21 (Cal.),
    Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project
    of The American Legion Dept. of California.