Monday, April 26, 2010

4/27 - Matt Cover, Gelnn Spencer, Frosty Wooldridge, Nancy Salvato

Talkback Tue Apr 27, 2010

Matt Cover Staff Writer for CNS News.Com Senate Panel reviews E-Health or E-Care, "One device attaches to the patient’s skin and is loaded with drugs that are administered in the exact way that the doctor prescribes – wirelessly." (

Glenn Spencer Founder/ President American Patrol " Reporting from Arizona, The Immigration Bill, and why American Patrol has been on the top of this for years" (

Frosty Wooldridge
Author : America on the Brink: The Next added 100 Million Americans, writer for News With Views, His article " What do Ted Kennedy, Palin and Mc Cain enjoy in common?
( (

Nancy Salvato
President and Director of Education and the Constitutional Literacy program for Basic Project .Her article " Should the Ends Justify the Means" anyone serving the country must take an oath of office" (

My comments on Rep Baca

Baca always looking out for his favorite Country "Mexico" He is the reason Americans with a Mexican surname have a hard time getting elected. With the job crisis in America, He Baca calls for a boycott of business in Arizona..He needs to stop playing the race card, and bone up on the immigration laws of United States of America, you know the country that pays his fat paycheck .

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  1. Comment regarding the "Boycott Arizona" group out there.

    "With a Hispanic activist like Raul Grijalva whining and moaning (again), that should tell you that this bill is good for the state and its taxpayers. Let the Leftist thugs like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Grijalva, et al do their clown act while we finally see some positive action.

    The illegal Hispanics have said they're here to BLEED THE BEAST and that's what they've been allowed to do by the likes of the aforementioned "activists" who don't like America. I'm tired of paying for these invaders when we are required to obey the laws of any other country to a tee - or wind up in jail for who knows how long - with no rights. Good for Governor Brewer. She did the right thing."

    Anonymous in Arizona