Friday, April 23, 2010

Mon Apr 26, 2011

Talkback Mon Apr 26, 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PDST

Penny Starr CNS " La Raza President: Immigration Bill ‘Would Make Living in Arizona a Police State’ for Hispanics " (

Barbara Hollingsworth The Washington Examiner , "The Fannie Mae connection with cap and trade"
( plus Blago's Lawyers: Obama lied twice"

Tom De Weese President of the American Policy Center , Editor of the De Weese Report. Discussing his news With Views Article " Left-Wing Mc Carthyism"plus" Freedom Movement faces dire threats from within" (

Dave Gibson Norfolk Crime Examiner, Co Author of" Replacing Americans, the deadly consequences of an open border with Mexico" His recent article on Cardinal Mahony does not know the difference between an immigrant and a criminal" (

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  1. Why Obama is so worried about Arizona's new immigration law
    The umbrella of "fairness" is just smoke and mirrors, especially since Barak H Obama thinks it's "unfair" for illegals to have to show ID but not at all unfair to require us natural-born citizens to carry a biometric national ID card. -- Obama's real reason? -- He's afraid Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will have him arrested and deported the next time he pays the state a visit...