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John C Wohlstetter Attorney , founder and editor of the blog “Letter from the Capitol,” and author of the book The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us. He is a senior fellow at Discovery Institute."The nuclear security summit April 12-13 The U.S and Russia cut back, John says China, Iran & North Korea will regard reductions as an opportunity--to INCREASE their nuclear arsenals."

Roy Beck Founder and President of Numbers USA " Enough ranch violence , also Is your employer committed to hiring illegals?" ( Is your employer committed to hiring illegals?
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Jerry Robinson Chief Economic Strategist at MakersGroup Financial, LLC, and the editor and publisher of Follow the Money Quarterly, a financial forecasting newsletter In addition, he is the Founder of the Christian Financial Advisor Network and the Executive Director at JRMI, a non-profit organization dedicated to examining economic, geopolitical, and cultural trends from a Christian perspective. "It's time to end the Federal Reserve" (

Dale Robinson Founder/ President of Tea " Left Wing Radicals gearing up to attack Conservatives of their Free Speech Rights, Attacks on the Tea Party Rallies" (

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    The finals of the American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program – “A Constitutional Speech Contest,” in which thousands of students have competed across the country, concluded on Sunday, April 11, with a live broadcast of the
    competition online from Indianapolis, where the National American Legion is headquartered.
    The American Legion’s patriotic educational program results in some $3.5-million in scholarships being given annually to students who compete at the various levels of competition – from the Legion Posts, to Districts, to Areas, to Departments (States) and ultimately the National Finals.
    The top three National winners for 2010 are: Tori Beth Black of S. Carolina, Elizabeth Blessing of Alabama, and Brooke Conner of Vermont. The received scholarships of $18,000, $16,000, and $14, 000 respectively.
    Winners from all 50 states plus three overseas Departments of the Legion, competed. Every competitor received a $1,500 scholarship, plus the scholarship funds received at each step of the competition in their states.
    The California representative was Sam Stone from Danville, CA, sponsored by Mt. Diablo Post 246.
    Congratulations to all the kids who competed at every level of the Legion Oratorical Scholarship contest, an outstanding patriotic educational program.
    Congratulations, too, to all the wartime veteran members of The American Legion who make this patriotic learning experience available to the nation’s kids, and future leaders.
    More information on the American Legion’s Oratorical Scholarship Program, Boys State, Girls State, and other of the Legion’s Americanism programs for Children and Youth, is available at www.
    [Rees Lloyd, a constitutional lawyer, is a member of The American Legion.]