Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thu Apr 8, 2010

Talkback Thu Apr 8, 2010
Chuck Wilder 11 AM - 2 PM PDST
Notice Starting Monday "Talkback" returns to it's regular time Noon - 2 PM PDST

Tom Schatz President of Citizens Against Government Waste Discussing The 2010 Congressional Pig Book -- the 20th edition of CAGW’s infamous exposé --which will reveal all of the pork-barrel projects that lawmakers have stuffed in the fiscal 2010 appropriations bills.(

Lynn Parker RN Patient Advocate , author of What Did The Doctor Just Say Discussing injury and even death caused by miscommunication between doctors and patients.

Homer Hickam Talking about underground mine explosion in Southern West Virginia, He knows the area, and coal mining very well. The best-selling author of "Rocket Boys" about his boyhood in the Southern WV coalfields was made into the movie "October Sky". Hickam is himself a former miner and has written several books set in and around WV coal mines including his most recent novel, "Red Helmet". (

Mike Cutler News with views, Caps and the Center for Immigration Studies. His article about the " United States Citizenship and Immigration Services giving Asylum to a Smuggler"

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