Thursday, June 5, 2014

6/5 Best of Barnewall,Wanta,Wall

Talkback Thursday 5 June 2014
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST
                                                  Today's Program is a "Best Of Talkback"

                                                      first hour :
Marilyn Barnewall  Before beginning her career as a banker and later as an internationally-known bank consultant, Marilyn  was an investigative newspaper reporter at the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne.  She writes extensively for News With Views, Veterans Today, Canada Free Press and World Net Daily.  She has written 11 books including 2 novels and 7 textbooks on banking.  She has taught banking at the university level.  Her most recent book is WANTA!  Black Swan, White Hat... the biography of Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta... Personal Intelligence Coordinator for President Ronald Reagan.  Marilyn is listed in Who’s Who in America, in Finance and Business, in American Women, and in the World.( ( (
Ambassador  Lee Emil Wanta  who has been an intelligence operative since he was in his teens, and who as an adult Intel operative reported directly to the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. He is the unknown hero Americans can thank for bringing down the Iron Curtain – The Independent Institute estimates that 40 years of the Cold War cost American taxpayers $6 trillion. The Wanta Saga leads  into the uncharted territory of government corruption when this American hero was arrested and imprisoned for a non-existent unpaid, estimated civil tax scam in Wisconsin. Lee Wanta’s story involves other names with which we are familiar – like Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton and Mark Rich who was the last person former President Bill Clinton pardoned before leaving office. The thing for which Ambassador Lee Wanta is best known is that of being the richest man in the world. Many have called him the $27.5 trillion man.   " Discussing his job saving Armerican plans to build a national high-speed rail system"   (
                                                      second hour :
Allan Wall resided in Mexico for a decade and a half, where he worked as an English teacher in various schools and at various levels. While in Mexico, Allan married Lilia, a Mexican science teacher . They now have two sons David and Raphael .While residing in Mexico, Allan was a member of the Texas Army National Guard,  traveling to Texas for monthly drills.   Allan spent most of 2005 on a tour of duty in Iraq. Following the Iraq deployment, he returned to Mexico. Several years later Allan and his family moved to the United States where they now reside. Allan writes - Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico), which can be found at VDARE.COM  "Discussing his latest It’s High Time For An
Immigration Shutdown—Let’s Put It On The Front Burner, also  Stop The Presses—MRC And Heritage Foundation Discover That Hispanic Media Is Liberal!"   ( (
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