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6/20 Michael Connelly, Marshall Conyers

Talkback Friday 20 June 2014
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Michael Connelly is a constitutional attorney, U.S. Army veteran and executive director of The United States Justice Foundation (USJF).He is also a freelance writer and the author of four books, Including: The Mortarmen” a book about his father’s unit during WW II . Michael has a weekly radio show on the Internet called “Our Constitution” and has recently published a pocket-sized booklet by the same name that takes every article, section and amendment to the Constitution and details what they actually mean." An update from USJF including: Obama's Attorneys Cry for More Time, also discussing the relentless assault by the Obama administration on our military and veterans"
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Marshall Conyers is a devoted enthusiast of all things related to the War Between the States and is a veritable jack-of-all-trades. He has worked in education, carpentry, public health, and surveying, and he has served in the United States military. His military experience leads him to speak with deep admiration for Civil War-era soldiers. Conyers' first book, How Many Feathers Does It Take to Make an Eagle Fly?, was heard through the Iron Curtain in the spring of 1988, when it was read aloud on a Voice of America radio broadcast in the Soviet Union. His latest book is Amongst Immortals Raging: Gettysburg's Third Day Begins, (Pelican Press 800-843-1724) (  "Discussing the book"(Liberty's Every Son And Daughter is below)

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        Liberty's Every Son and Daughter .... though my name is lost among the twilight of the ages, I would ask this solemn question of you now ... Who Am I? ... I, who felt the peppering muskets' fire, who faced the raging cannon roar ... who saw the very earth itself run red at Lexington and Bunker Hill

... I, who endured the bitter, ironclad wintryness of frozen Valley Forge ... who gave of my youth and selfless blood so that you might know the answer to the solemn question posed ... Who Am I?  ... a loyal countryman of yours, I surely am indeed ... a brother and a sister ... a neighbor and a friend

... I, who have a thousand names you cannot know, ten thousand countless faces you've never seen before ... yet, when duty, honor, country call, you know me well by all of the remembered places I have been .... Fort McHenry, Gettysburg, San Juan Hill ... I was there unyielding amidst the thundering shot and shell ... Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, The Argonne ... I stood bravely there as well ... Tarawa, Anzio, Normandy, Okinawa ... battlefields where I fought and fell and bled ... Inchon, Con Thien, Desert Storm ... each sanctified by honor and the sacred roll calls of our dead ...
           Who Am I?  ... you know me well by my footmarks left traced in blood for you upon the many beaches of the earth

... you know me by all the burning desert sands I strode that still hold my bleached and whitening bones ... you know me by the mountains I have climbed ... the seven seas I've sailed ... the strange and distant lands I've marched ... the skies I've soared for you where no eagle ever dared ... and
you know me best by all the far and lonely places where I lay dying spread-eagle on my back, calling out in that final fading moment of my life for Mama ... for she who loved me most with the last breath I drew ...
              Who Am I?  ... within your heart of hearts, you know the answer well ... I am every son and every daughter of this great land who ever gave their all for you ... I am a youthful name chiseled for all eternity into endless rows of white marble stones that mark Liberty's highest sacrifice ... and though twilight must surely fall and my name be forever lost among the ages, I would have it no other way ... for interred within this hallowed earth, my bones rest quiet in peace at last, and there they'll gently molder ...  Who Am I?
                                     I have a name                                     
                                am the American Soldier! 

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  1. Great listening to both you and Marshall Conyers!!!! Book and Characters, could reference to all wars!!!