Thursday, March 2, 2017

3/2 Charles Benninghoff, Barrett Tillman

Talkback Thursday 2 MAR  2017    
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Charles Benninghoff Who is a frequent Guest here on Talk back is a Vietnam Combat Veteran and former attorney and certified public accountant who now specializes in promoting Faith, Family and Flag. He is a prolific writer and videographer-having a You Tube channel brimming with his daily conservative videos. Much of his time is spent as the Founder of the Christian Church “Pray for US” that is based upon the belief that the Constitution of the United States is a document inspired by our Lord, the Lord prayed to by Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. Chuck is also the creator of Grassroots Campaign Creations Ltd which promotes his  Faith–Family-Flag Credo.
   (Prayfor.US)   (  (HTTPs://Grassroots.CC)  
                         "His Latest Updates" 

Barrett Tillman is a renowned military expert and the author of On Wave and Wing: The 100-Year Quest to Perfect the Aircraft Carrier. Also Forgotten Fifteenth, Whirlwind, and dozens of other military histories. The Wall Street Journal hailed him as “a master story teller,” and Pulitzer-Prize winner Stephen Hunter called Whirlwind “a miracle of military history.” Tillman’s work has been cited in dozens of history books and has been used as course work by the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marine Corps. Additionally, he is a familiar television commentator on The History Channel and National Geographic Channel. Barrett Tillman lives in Arizona with his wife, Sally.
"Discussing His New Book On Wave and Wing "

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