Friday, March 7, 2014

3/7 Terence Jeffrey,Mike Shaw,Jessica Vaughan,Scott McEwen

Talkback Friday 7 Mar 2014
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST
Terence P. Jeffrey editor in chief of, he served for more than a decade as editor of Human Events, where he is now an editor at large. Terry earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Princeton, studied Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute of The American University in Cairo studied in the Masters of Arts in Arab Studies program at Georgetown University, he was an editorial writer for The Washington Times, which nominated him for the Pulitzer Prize for his investigative editorials about then-House Speaker Jim Wright. Served as issues and research director for Pat Buchanan's first Republican presidential campaign and in 1995 was national campaign manager for Buchanan's second presidential campaign. Terry writes a weekly column for the Creators Syndicate. He and his wife, Julie, have five children and live in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, D.C."His article: Libya: Man Tortured to Death for 'Drinking Alcohol Illegally'" (
Michael  D. Shaw  Columnist for The Coach is Right and Health News Digest, President/Founder of Roxan, Incorporated, Managing Director/Founder of Scorpius Group LLC and Executive Vice President/Director of Marketing for Interscan Corporation. Mike has a B.A.Degree: Biochemistry / Molecular Biology – UCLA, research at County USC Medical Center ,also Graduate Studies on Full NIH Fellowship: Biochemistry – MIT, Cambridge. Mike writes on politics, pop culture, true crime, history, and film criticism:"His report: Salt of the Earth" ( ( (
Jessica Vaughan Director of Policy Studies  for the Center for Immigration Studies. She has been with the Center since 1991, and her area of expertise is the administration and implementation of immigration policy, covering topics such as visa programs, immigration benefits and immigration law enforcement. Prior to joining the Center, Mrs. Vaughan was a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department, where she completed consular and administrative assignments. Mrs. Vaughan has a master’s degree in government from Georgetown University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in international studies at Washington College in Maryland."Her report on Texas Data and Deportations"  (
Scott McEwen  is a trial attorney in San Diego, California. He grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon where he became an Eagle Scout; hiking, fishing, and hunting at every opportunity presented. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Oregon and thereafter studied and worked extensively in London, England. Scott works with and provides support for several military charitable organizations, including the Seal Team Foundation.He is the author of Sniper Elite and now his latest co authored with Richard Miniter :Eyes On Target, The problems leading up to the September 11, 2012 attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi and a comprehensive timeline leading up to the tragedy, based on extensive interviews with fighter pilots and SEAL Team 6 leaders.   
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