Thursday, February 28, 2013

2/26-Frank Morano and Jay Diamond Fill In for Chuck Wilder

Frank Morano and Jay Diamond Fill In for Chuck Wilder Today

Frank Morano is a radio talk show host and Executive Producer on AM 970 The Answer in NYC and Staten Island's favorite son. Prior to coming to the AM970 in December of 2009, he was a long time employee of 77WABC, where amongst his responsibilities, he helmed the award winning "Curtis and Kuby" show. His on-air coverage of all four trials of John Gotti Junior was wildly popular both in terms of ratings and critical acclaim. He is a talk radio addict, with a passion for local NYC talk. In addition to his radio work, he's hosted a Variety/Talk TV show called "Morano Vision", which earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest live TV talk show marathon. He's a protégé of TV/Radio talk legend Joe Franklin, whose influence can be observed in Morano's inimitable method of story telling. He's also been a leader in the independent political movement in New York State and is one of the foremost experts on third party and independent politics in NY.  His other areas of interest include gin, anything related to William Shatner, bocce and the New York Mets.

I'm Jay Diamond and I aspire to be the implacable foe of phonies, dopes, bullies, liars, and assorted scumbuckets, who live to, and love to, make a a lot of money by deceiving and hurting the innocent human beings all around them. Radio host dedicated to combating the right wing bilge inflicted on the United States by corrupt management that force feeds limbaugh, hannity, etc., on an increasingly degraded media landscape.

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