Tuesday, February 19, 2013

02/19 Allyson Adams Fills In For Chuck Wilder, Survival and Emergency Preparedness

"GET READY" - Survival and Emergency Preparedness. 

Learn some basic tips that can save you and your family during an unexpected disaster or emergency crisis.

Host- Allyson Adams, daughter of the late actor, Nick Adams, is a patriot, playwright, educator, former Madam Mayor of Virginia City Montana and most recently the publisher of The Rebel & The King by Nick Adams, about his Hollywood friendship with Elvis Presley. This is Allyson's maiden voyage as a radio host. Check out her blog at  www.allysonadams.com


Special guest- Sherry Lee "The Survivor Lady" is a micro-electron researcher by day and the first woman survivalist who was a candidate for the 90 Day Challenge in the Yukon. Learn more about "The Survivor Lady" at www.survivorlady.com

Special Guest- Brad Davis is the Emergency Service Coordinator and Director of the CERT program in Malibu. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

Contact - Brad Davis
Emergency Services Coordinator
City of Malibu
310-456-2489 ext.260

For more information on Emergency Preparedness you can go to www.ready.gov or www.fema.gov/cert

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  1. Fabulous show; Excellent host, helpful information and interesting guests.
    Allyson, you were great on radio, we'd love to hear you more!
    Good luck with your father's book.