Thursday, August 9, 2012

8/9 Ronald Kessler,Wes Vernon

8/9 Ronald Kessler,Wes Vernon

Talkback Thu Aug 9, 2012
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Ronald Kessler Author of 19 non-fiction books. He is chief Washington, D.C. correspondent of Four of his books reached the hardcover nonfiction New York Times Best Seller list Author of In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect. His latest is: The Secrets of the FBI. "Talking about the books release in paper back" ( (

Wes Vernon Washington- based writer and veteran broadcast journalist, Most of articles can be found at Renew "Discussing his three part series "America's last free election" Have you heard about the movie 2016 ?" (

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