Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/15 Seton Motley,Mark Krikorian,Devvy Kidd,David Rubin

Talkback Thu Sep 15, 2011
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Seton Motley President of Less Government, Editor in Chief A publication of the Center for Individual Freedom."Discussing:College IS for Dummies: Obama’s War on Education Innovation." (

Mark Krikorian Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mark has headed the Center since 1995. He holds a master's degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a bachelor's degree from Georgetown University, and spent two years at Yere van State University in then-Soviet Armenia. Before joining the Center he held a variety of editorial and writing positions."Discussing his report: Obama's Immigration Fiat." (

Devvy Kidd Author of Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. She writes for News With Views.Com and her regularly posted new columns are on her site at: ( "Smart Meters - the New Silent Killer"

David Rubin Reporting from Israel . He is the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel known to much of the world as the West Bank. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, author of The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama, which exposes the attempts of the Islamic ideologues to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization."His latest report Abbas Threatens Israel" ( (

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