Thursday, July 8, 2010

7/9 Gordon Klingenschmitt,Elizabeth Letchworth,Alan Caruba,Rees Lloyd

Talkback Fri Jul 9, 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Gordon Klingenschmitt Military Chaplain U.S. Air Force member with experience as an astronautical engineering student, a missile launch officer and an officer inside the U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs." NASA Told: Make Nice with Muslims is #1 Priority! this diplomacy directive Obama has given NASA is not only senseless and inappropriate, but potentially dangerous.

Elizabeth Letchworth Founder of the Web Site that lets you Grade and Comment to your Congressional Representatives ." Congress returns next week, what can we expect?" (

Alan Caruba The National Anxiety Center Discussing His article Is Barack Obama the Ultimate Sleeper Agent?"

Rees Lloyd Longtime Civil Rights attorney, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project California , Past Commander Dist 21 American legion , writer for News With Views " Update on the Mount Soledad National Memorial Cross Case, also his latest article American Freedom" (

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    Just the other day, when I was talking with Chuck Wilder of "TalkBack," he mentioned that our close and dear friend of many years, Terry Anderson, had passed away. This was not something to expect because Terry was much younger and stronger than I. Years ago, when I attempted to run for the US Senate in the Republican Primary during 1986, there was a young man from my home town of South Central Los Angeles who would regularly call in on KIEV, now KRLA AM870, to speak with the talk-show hosts George Putnam and Chuck Wilder on "TalkBack" about illegal immigration. Of course, I was very impressed with him because fighting against illegal immigration became my strongest issue during my state-wide senatorial campaign throughout California. Later, Terry, had his very own commercial radio program called "The Terry Anderson Show" on KRLA AM 870 and it became a hit.
    Several years later, we had our own commercial radio program called "Sound-Off!" with John W. Spring. We were on the air for an interrupted period of five years on KPLA, KSPA and KLAA AM 830 in Southern California. And during that time, we had Terry Anderson as our guest many times. The one outstanding thing that I will always remember about Terry is that no matter where he spoke, if it was before a large crowd at a patriotic rally or on his radio show when I would call in, I would always be acknowledged by him. That's one thing I will always remember. May God bless you Terry.