Monday, July 19, 2010

7/20 Janice Kephart, Gal Luft, Nick Popoaditch, Mike Cutler

Talkback Tue Jul 20 , 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Janice Kephart Center for Immigration Studies "New report on hidden cameras on the Arizona Border ,The hidden camera footage, acquired from a variety of sources, indicates that there is an unfortunate lack of federal law enforcement presence on Arizona’s federal land on the border "(

Gal Luft author Turning Oil Into Salt: Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice One of America’s leading experts on energy independence, explains how we can strip oil of its strategic importance, making our country richer and more secure." (

Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch
Author: Once a Marine, now running for Congress, unbelievable story about Nick and his campaign. An editorial cartoon was printed in The Imperial Valley Ca. Press newspaper mocking the war wounds Nick suffered in service of our country. Nick was blinded by a rocket strike to the head in Fallujah. ( ( ) See **

Mike Cutler News With Views , Fellow Writer for CAPS , Californians for population stabilization, Discussing the new report that some 854,000 people nearly one and one half the number of people living in Washington have Top-Secret Security Clearance that's largely lacking in oversight. Also Mike and Janet Napalitano ?? ( (

** You can view the cartoon attack on Nick here:

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