Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/7 Fred Lucas,Melissa Henson,Bob Hamer,Elizabeth Baron

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Fred Lucas White House Correspondent CNS "More States Pondering Arizona-Style Immigration Law " (

Melissa Henson Director of Communications and Public Education for the Parents Television Council. " Mothers Day, How Moms are being portrayed on TV and According to PTC, the public has become so used to profanity on TV, they are becoming desensitized to it."(

Bob Hamer Former FBI Agent, Author: Enemies Among Us , Discussing his 26 years with the FBI and a look at the Time Square Bomb Plot" ( )

Elizabeth Baron One of the World's most famous living psychic mediums "she is considered to be the world’s most documented medium and spiritual teacher. Her reputation is far reaching on an international scale working on exorcisms, crime, national issues, missing persons, personal counseling and education".(

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  1. Marilyn BarnewallMay 6, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    Back to the concept that words have meaning. You use the word "control"
    when the appropriate word is "power." Control is exercised internally and
    power is exercised externally ("controlling," which is an exercise in power,
    is exercised externally) . The term "the government is trying to control
    this or that" is less damning than the accurate "the government is
    exercising power over this or that." One cannot control something external
    (other people, circumstances, etc.) unless one holds power over it. If you
    don't hold some form of power over me, you cannot control me. Employers,
    spouses, government, etc., hold exactly the amount of power the people grant
    them. Power can be exercised over people when people fear repercussions
    from their behavior. It is at the point people find the future more bleak
    than potential punishment for revolt that we have revolutions -- when the
    threat of government punishment is not as strong as the frustration from
    government interference. At that point, the people no longer give the
    government the right to hold power over them. This is the basis of the
    Alinsky behavior model for radicals. Control is exercised behind one's own
    nose; power is exercised behind the noses of others.

    That is a difficult one to come to grips with, but it's accurate.
    Entrepreneurs (based on a 20-year research study I did) are motivated by
    control -- the need to control and manage the risks they take and the drive
    (very strong) to control their own destinies (conservatives). Liberals are
    motivated by fear and require power or access to it to assuage fear -- make
    sure they can handle anything hiding under the bed. It is the reason
    liberals need to exercise power over conservatives and use controlling power
    to prevent them from finding their own destiny. When people are free to
    pursue their own destiny, liberals cannot predict the outcome and the
    uncertainties that result make them nervous and that hits their fear button.

    Enjoyed your show yesterday. I got several emails saying "teriffic
    interview!" so you did a good job! MB
    P.S. How do you define "conservative?"
    My definition: 1) Truth seeker; 2)Constitution
    means what it says; 3) Believes in the Rule of Law.

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief
    or ignorance.”
    W. Clement Stone

  2. Once again excellent guest, I was glued to the second hour of your show ..FBI and Psyhic , ps next time get the lotto numbers ..