Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5/14 Timmerman, Nelson

 Talkback TUE 14 May 2019 
 Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST
 http://crntalk.com/   CH 4

 Kenneth R. Timmerman - Best-selling author, President and CEO, Foundation for Democracy in Iran.  Author of  ISIS BEGINS: A NOVEL OF THE WAR IN IRAQ  also Deception: the Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi, and Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi  , St. Peter’s Bones, a novel of the Persecuted Church in Iraq; and Countdown to Crisis: the Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran,  Ken was the Republican nominee for Congress, Maryland District 8 in 2012, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2006. (www.iran.org )  ( www.KenTimmerman.com)(://www.frontpagemag.com)
 "His report: Pompeo is right to warn Iran -- Don’t target Americans"

 Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts,. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. She writes for News with Views. Com. Blog: http://exposingmodernmugwumps.com/.
 "Her article: Christians Must Stop The Spreading Sewage Of Jew Hatred"

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