Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28 Charles Benninghoff, Frosty Wooldridge

Talkback Monday 28 Nov 2016  
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Charles Benninghoff  is the Founder of Pray for US, an incorporated non-profit Christian church headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pray for US gets the Word of Christ our Redeemer out to the spiritual public in a very unique way as we believe that the United States of America was combined by providence and will only be sustained through providence – and, for us, that providence (or good luck) comes only from our Lord, the Lord prayed to by Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. Chuck also is the creator of Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd – a company that specializes in raising public awareness about subjects dear to conservative candidates, churches and causes.  (HTTPS://PRAYFOR.US ( ( HTTPS://GRASSROOTS.CC)  (HTTP://CHARLESBENNINGHOFF.COM)  (HTTPS://POLLWATCHING.COM) (

Frosty Wooldridge  has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and 15 times across the United States. His published books include America on the Brink. also  How to Live a Life of Adventure. and his latest is:  How To Deal With 21ST Century American  Women, Co-creating a successful relationship. And look for His soon to be released new book: How to Live a Spectacular Life."   Most of his articles can be found at News With Views.Com .also ( (  " His latest:  WHY TRUMP WON AND HILLARY LOST "
 Get his book at 1 888 280  7715

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