Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/3 Lowell Ponte, Mychal Massie, Jonathan W. Emord

Talkback Tuesday 3 March 2015
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Lowell Ponte Newsmax columnist and  co-author with Craig R. Smith of DON'T BANK ON IT! THE UNSAFE WORLD OF 21st CENTURY BANKING. Lowell is author of a best-selling book about global climate change, THE COOLING. For 15 years Ponte was the Roving Science, Technology & Health Editor at Reader's Digest Magazine.
 (http://www.dontbankonitbook.com/)    (www.newsmax.com)

Mychal Massie  Founder of the blog The Daily Rant, Former chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 – a conservative black think tank located in Washington, D.C. Mychal is the author of the e-book  Blacks Are Victims. He is a nationally recognized political activist, pundit and columnist. "Discussing his newest book and from the blog: Let’s Say It Is Because Obama Is Black"    (www.mychal-massie.com) (www.wnd.com)

Jonathan W. Emord is an attorney who practices constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies. He has defeated the FDA in federal court a remarkable eight times, seven on First Amendment grounds, and is the author of Amazon bestsellers The Rise of Tyranny, and Global Censorship of Health Information.His latest book is "Restore the Republic"  He is also the American Justice columnist for U.S.A. Today Magazine, and writes for News With Views.Com "His latest: GIVING TERRORISTS JOBS"     (www.Emord.com) (www.newswithviews.com)

replay of shows can be found at http://talkbackwithchuckwilder.blogspot.com/

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