Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5/13 Dan Gainor,Larry Wilske,Dr Kevin Coach Collins

Talkback Tuesday 13 May 2014
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST
Dan Gainor is the Boone Pickens Fellow and the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News Opinion."NBC Selectively Edits Vermont Farmer to Hype 'Global Warming'  (http://www.mrc.org/)   He can also be contacted on FaceBook and Twitter as dangainor.
Command Master Chief Larry Wilske has dedicated 30 years of service to the United States as a Navy SEAL, proudly protecting the freedom, lives and liberties of our citizens. After retiring from the military, Larry has chosen to continue his path of service as a Congressional candidate for California’s 53rd district. Larry enlisted in the Navy in 1983 and went on to serve on SEAL Teams SDV-1, Three and Seven. As the Command Master Chief of SEAL Team Seven, he oversaw hundreds of SEAL missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines and personally conducted dozens of others. He is the recipient of the Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action, awarded for a tour of duty in which Larry served as Operations Chief of an international task force that deployed to Afghanistan immediately following the 9/11 attacks."Bengazi hearings and his Congressional run" (http://www.wilskeforcongress.com
Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins, Author of America Island  a conservative "what if" rolled into a story about a group of America patriots who believe in the idea of America so much that they are willing to leave the United States to push the "reset" button  of the American experiment in their own new country. He is the founder of the blog Coach is Right.Com, member of American Mensa and the Sons of the American Revolution, holds a doctoral degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Viet Nam era Marine and a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop. His love of playing and teaching basketball has brought him the name; he is known as, to his friends:Coach "An update from his blog including: Select Committee – why Democrats will join the committee"   (www.Coachisright.Com
replay of shows can be found at http://talkbackwithchuckwilder.blogspot.com/

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