Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15 Don Jans, Dr Kevin Collins

Talkback Tuesday 15 April 2014
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Don Jans  Author of My Grandchildren's  America  an easy to read, simple and straightforward  book which outlines the policies advocated by Karl Marx. This book is for all Americans who care about the future of America, the land of freedom and opportunity. Don is the host of the Radio Program BEEVOCAL.COM Every Monday at 4:30PM PST . " Do Elections Still matter ? and Voter Fraud"  (www.mygrandchildrensamerica.com)

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins, Author of America Island  a conservative "what if" rolled into a story about a group of America patriots who believe in the idea of America so much that they are willing to leave the United States to push the "reset" button  of the American experiment in their own new country. He is the founder of the blog Coach is Right.Com, member of American Mensa and the Sons of the American Revolution, holds a doctoral degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Viet Nam era Marine and a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop. His love of playing and teaching basketball has brought him the name; he is known as, to his friends: Coach.  "His latest including: Dan Cathy waved the rainbow flag but he won’t like the terms of his surrender, also Freedom won at Bunkerville because Obama still hasn’t found Americans who will murder for him"   (www.Coachisright.Com)

Replay of shows can be found at http://talkbackwithchuckwilder.blogspot.com/

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