Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21 Geoff Dickens,Kimberly Dvorak,Dave Gibson

Talkback Thursday 21 Nov 2013
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Geoff  Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center. He currently writes for all of the MRC's publications and outlets. He authored the MRC's Outgunned Special Report that examined the media's bias against gun rights. He has a degree from Indiana University's School of Journalism. "Discussing the Media's Top 10 Worst Quotes Pumping ObamaCare's Tires Before the Wreck"  (


Kimberly Dvorak National Homeland Security correspondent. For the San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner. She also writes for Human Events and the Washington Guardian. Correspondent for CW News 6 in San Diego.  She has covered local, national and international news stories for more than 15 years. "Her report: Federal Reserve floats $7.7 Trillion to Politically Connected"  (  ( ( (

Dave Gibson Author: Replacing Americans, the Deadly Consequences of an Open Border with Mexico.  Drug Cartel reporter for Examiner.Com .
( ( on  facebook "the illegal immigration news" "An update on the latest immigration news"
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