Monday, June 10, 2013

06/10 Bree Walker, Susan McIntosh, David Freeman, Martha McGeary Snider

Bree Walker Fills in for Chuck Wilder with 
Co Host Susan McIntosh 

David Freeman - Played a major role in getting the San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closed Permanently

S. David Freeman, the former head of the California Power Authority and "a longtime anti-nuclear voice", has described San Onofre (and Diablo Canyon) as "disasters waiting to happen: aging, unreliable reactors sitting near earthquake fault zones on the fragile Pacific Coast, with millions or hundreds of thousands of Californians living nearby.

Martha McGeary Snider - HOW WOMEN and MEN think of TIME differently

 HEALING a VIOLENT WORLD with the balance of the Feminine in a Masculine dominated world. “The masculine world, often brings “a bully bag with it.” Martha McGeary Snider is a remarkable woman of insight, vision, life and business experience, who along with her many accomplishments.. has built an Arena, a Museumand a life of giving back to the Community and paying it forward. She has proven wonderful ways of building new bridges, in how we relate to one another in a complex but EVOLVING WORLD !  

Martha McGeary Snider says… “it is Time to address the need for a more “balanced, way of healing and leading our world into this next exciting Century in this New Millennium.”

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