Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10/2 Dan kish,Andrea Woroch,Rees Lloyd,Marshall Frank

10/2 Dan kish,Andrea Woroch,Rees Lloyd,Marshall Frank

Talkback Tuesday Oct 2, 2012
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Dan Kish Senior Vice President for policy at the Institute for Energy Research (IER) Served six years as chief of staff for the Republicans on the House Resources Committee and four years on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee staff."Department of Energy (DOE) once again delayes the release of a report on the economics of exporting natural gas until after the election " (www.instituteforenergyresearch.org)

Andrea Woroch is an established consumer-savings expert for Kinoli Inc.. Andrea has traveled the country as a broadcast and print media source, working with NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, Kiplinger Personal Finance, Smart Money, CNNMoney and many more. When not analyzing consumer behavior, Andrea enjoys skiing, travel, outdoor adventure and shopping for shoes. A New York native, Andrea now splits her time between Colorado and California."Tailgating Season: Save on 7 Essentials" (www.Andreaworoch.com) (http://www.kinoliinc.com/)

Rees Lloyd Longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans’ rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion. Rees also writes for News With Views and World Net Daily."U.S. MILITARY DEATHS IN AFGHANISTAN HIT 2,000...also discussing Patriot Outreach helping our Armed Forces, First Responders and their Families find “Victory over Stress."
(www.newswithviews.com) (www.wnd.com) (www.patriotoutreach.org)

Marshall Frank , is a retired captain from the Metro-Dade Police department in Miami, Florida, where he spent the majority of his thirty years investigating murders or commanding those who did.Frank is a regular editorial columnist for Florida Today newspaper. He recently wrote the suspense novel entitled, “The Upside To Murder.” and his latest Messages: Short Stories For The Thoughtful. Marshall maintains a blog site where he posts stimulating articles about a myriad of subjects, from politics, crime, social issues, radical Islam and even motion pictures."His article: ISRAEL'S EXTINCTION ON THE EDGE: WHAT AMERICA CAN DO" (http://www.marshallfrank.com/)

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