Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/18 Patrick Burke,Ken Timmerman,Gene Griessman,Al Fadi

9/18 Patrick Burke,Ken Timmerman,Gene Griessman,Al Fadi

Talkback Tuesday Sep 18, 2012
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Patrick Burke Staff writer for CNS News.Com "Discussing the article: Bachmann to Obama: Cancel Letterman and Jay-Z, Meet with Netanyahu..."(http://www.cnsnews.com/)

Kenneth R. Timmerman Best-selling author , contributing editor for Newsmax Media he has spent his career investigating the dark side of national security. Over the past three decades he has interviewed dissidents behind the Iron Curtain, covered numerous Middle East wars and false-hope peace treaties, interviewed suicide bombers, debriefed defectors from Iranian intelligence organizations, and covered the plight of Christians persecuted for their faith. His latest novel St. Peter's Bones, is a witness to the persecuted church in Iraq."Ken says We need a muscular response to Libya murders"(http://www.kentimmerman.com/) (http://www.newsmax.com/)

Gene Griessman is celebrated around the world for his books, training films, and memorable presentations. As actor and playwright, he has performed at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome before 25,000, the Lincoln Memorial, and aboard the famed carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln. He is the author of The Words Lincoln Lived By and Lincoln On Communication, and now his latest Lincoln and Obama: A story of unlikely Presidents. "Discussing the book"(www.Lincolnandobama.com) ( PresidentLincoln.com) (AtlantaSpeakersBureau.com)

Al Fadi is a scholar and expert on Islam, and a leading Middle East analyst. He has a Masters in Biblical Communications, Engineering, and is a teacher of Islam. He is the editor of the book The Qur'an Dilemma - He is also the Director of The Qur'an Project Group. "Discussing The Killing of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya" (http://www.thequran.com/)

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