Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/5 Dr Keith Smith,Fred Lucas, Kevin Coach Collins

7/5 Dr Keith Smith,Fred Lucas, Kevin Coach Collins
Talkback Thu Jul 5, 2012
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Dr. G. Keith Smith is a board certified anesthesiologist in private practice since 1990. In 1997, he co-founded The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, an outpatient surgery center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, owned by 40 of the top physicians and surgeons in central Oklahoma. Many Canadians and uninsured Americans have been treated at his facility, taking advantage of the low and transparent pricing available."Patients Ask: How Does The Supreme Court Decision on Healthcare Reform Affect Me "

Fred Lucas Senior White House Correspondent and staff writer for CNS"His article:Obama Contributor, Who Helped Enact Assault-Weapons Ban, Ran ‘Fast and Furious’

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins, Author of Crooks, Thugs and Bigots: The Lost Hidden and Changed History of the Democratic Party. He is the founder of the blog Coach is Right.Com, member of American Mensa and the Sons of the American Revolution, holds a doctoral degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Viet Nam era Marine and a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop, for many years he has been an adjunct professor of Behavioral Science at several colleges in the NYC area. His love of playing and teaching basketball has brought him the name; he is known as, to his friends: “Coach . "A look at his recent post including: The U K’s “Death Panels” are killing old and sick there, Obamacare won’t be any different here, also : Four degrees of separation: Hillary to Huma Abedin to Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, to Muslim Brotherhood" (www.Coachisright.Com) (

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