Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29 Charles Butler,Dan Pilla,David Bego,Dr Cass Ingram

Talkback Thu Mar 29, 2012
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Charles Butler, a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, is a talk show host on WIND-Chicago. Prior to WIND, he hosted a show for over four years on WVON-Chicago. Charles is also a senior fellow with the New Coalition for Economic and Social Change and a managing partner of the BuTen Group — a financial services and information technology provider. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy."His article Why The NYC Million Hoodie March Sends The Wrong Message"(

Dan Pilla has been the nation’s leader in taxpayers’ rights defense and IRS abuse prevention and cure for over three decades. He is the author of How To Get Tax Amnesty and the Tax Amnesty Supplement, the book that blew the cover off the IRS's best kept secret. Tax help on line is the official website of Dan Pilla and Winning Publications, dedicated to helping people solve their tax problems."April 15 is almost here" (

David A Bego Author of The Devil at My Doorstep, Now updated to The Devil at OUR Doorstep, this book stems from his actual firsthand experience while waging war with Andy Stern and the SEIU from late 2006 until present day. He has been fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today, he has lived the experience while under attack from Stern and his union thugs."Vetting Obama’s Political Tactics" (

Dr. Cass Ingram Author of dozens of books on health and wellness, including The Cure is in the Cupboard, Super Market Remedies, How to Eat Right and Live Longer, and The Body Shape Diet."Discussing his brand new book Rigged,this book examines the question, "Who is tampering with the 2012 US Presidential Election Process-and why?"also his article Should FDA regulate TSA X-ray Machines? (

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