Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2 Terence Jeffrey,John Samson,Marilyn Barnewall,Jacquelyn Becattini

Talkback Thu Feb 2, 2012
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Terence P. Jeffrey editor in chief of, he served for more than a decade as editor of

Human Events, where he is now an editor at large. Terry earned a bachelor’s degree in English

Literature from Princeton, studied Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute of The American

University in Cairo studied in the Masters of Arts in Arab Studies program at Georgetown

University, he was an editorial writer for The Washington Times, which nominated him for the

Pulitzer Prize for his investigative editorials about then-House Speaker Jim Wright. Served as

issues and research director for Pat Buchanan's first Republican presidential campaign and in

1995 was national campaign manager for Buchanan's second presidential campaign. Terry writes

a weekly column for the Creators Syndicate."Bishop: Obama Administration Is Telling Catholics

To Hell With You" (

John Sampson August 2008, retired from the United States Department of Homeland Security,

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) retired member of the Federal Law Enforcement

Officer's Association (FLEOA) and the past Vice President of Local 3806 of the American

Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), National Immigration and Naturalization Service

Council (NINSC) John is a veteran of the United States Naval Reserve and the United States

Coast Guard Reserve, and served during the first Gulf War. He is founder of CSI Consulting and

Investigations LLC. He is now running for Colorado State Senate District 25."Discussing
his experience in the Georgia ballot eligibility hearing and his professional opinion of what all the eligibility challenges mean." (

Marilyn Barnewall has authored seven Banking books, one dog book, and two works of fiction .

Her latest is Flight of the Black Swan. Barnewall is the former editor of The National Peace

Officer Magazine and as a journalist has written guest editorials for the Denver Post, Rocky

Mountain News and Newsweek. On the Internet, she writes for News With Views, World Net

Daily, and others."Discussing her article: Diversion, Duplicity, and Deception Designed to divide

and conquer " (

Jacquelyn Becattini Founder and spokesperson for Neater Feeder , the Neater Feeder is the

most award winning pet product ever! And best of all it’s made in the USA. “Don't blame your pet,

blame your bowl this is the new standard for sanitary pet feeding and health.


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