Friday, August 12, 2011

8/12 Rick Oltman, Lt Col Silverman, Marshall Ulrich

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Rick Oltman has worked for immigration reform for almost twenty years. He has lobbied in Washington, DC and in dozens of state capitals for secure borders and immigration enforcement. In 1994 Rick was Chairman of the California YES ON 187-SAVE OUR STATE campaign supporting Proposition 187. In 2004 Rick worked with Arizona activists to qualify Proposition 200, Arizona's state initiative that required proof of citizenship when voting or applying for public benefits. He is Vice President of the 9-11 Families for Secure America and the founder of The mmigration Tea Party. You can read his articles at Examiner.Com

Lt. Col. Michael E. Silverman (ret) Author: Awakening Victory: How Iraqi Tribes and American Troops Reclaimed al Anbar and Defeated al Qaeda in Iraq. It is the chronicled account of his experiences as Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, and the amazing contribution this battalion – the only one to participate in the campaign to reclaim al Anbar rovince from start to finish - made to the war in Iraq.(

Marshall Ulrich Author of Running On Empty: An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America his memoir is both a love story and a thrilling look into the life of someone who has accomplished more than most people can comprehend. For Ulrich, there are no such things as "too old," "too far," or "too difficult." To celebrate his 60th birthday, Ulrich will climb two deadly mountains in the same week ,Mount Eiger (13,025 feet) and the Matterhorn (14,692 feet) -- right after he finishes running 146 miles across the hottest place on earth."

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