Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/26 Ken Timmerman,Jack Marino,Victor Davis Hanson,Guy Smith

Talkback Thu May 26, 2011
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Kenneth R. Timmerman Best-selling author , contributing editor for Newsmax Media he has spent his career investigating the dark side of national security. Over the past three decades he has interviewed dissidents behind the Iron Curtain, covered numerous Middle East wars and false-hope peace treaties, interviewed suicide bombers, debriefed defectors from Iranian intelligence organizations, and covered the plight of Christians persecuted for their faith. His latest novel St. Peter's Bones, is a witness to the persecuted church in Iraq."New Evidence Shows Iran was Directly Involved in 9/11 attacks"
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Jack Marino Filmmaker/Radio Talk Show Host. He is an independent film maker, his film Killzone was one of the biggest hits in 1985, and changed the entire film market on the success of low budget action films. Also the film FORGOTTEN HEROES," an action war drama set in Vietnam,
"Reflections on film making in Hollywood today and also the Memorial Day weekend"

Victor Davis Hanson Since 2001 has written a weekly column for National Review Online, and in 2004, began his weekly syndicated column for Tribune Media Services. In 2006, he also began thrice-weekly blog for Pajamas Media, he is the author of hundreds of articles, book reviews, scholarly papers, and newspaper editorials on matters ranging from ancient Greek, military history to foreign affairs, domestic politics, and contemporary culture. He has written or edited over 17 books, including The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan than Today's."Discussing his recent articles:why affirmative action should stop and Alligators, moats and other nonsense"
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Guy Smith has analyzed the gun control industry and exposed its misinformation campaigns for over eleven years. Guy’s current book, Shooting The Bull, is a humorous review of modern propaganda analysis, using the gun control industry as its case study and frequent whipping boy. Guy takes readers through all modern gun control disinformation campaigns, exposing how political lies are created and spread" ( (


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