Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25 Charles Smith,Brett McMahon,Al Fadi

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Charles Smith Author: The Stragglers, A Young Soldier’s Astonishing Korean War Survival Story.
What happens when a raw recruit just out of basic training finds himself in the first battle of a war
nobody saw coming? The shocking true story of how during the Korean War, young soldiers from
different units, operating without command, came together courageously as other American
troops withdrew from the city of Chinju, South Korea.
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Brett McMahon Vice President of Miller and Long Concrete Construction and a spokesman for HaltTheAssault.Com."10 Quick facts about Wisconsin and Scott Walker "
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Al Fadi A scholar and expert on Islam, and a leading Middle East analyst. He has a Masters in Biblical Communications, Engineering, and is a teacher of Islam. He is also the Director of The Qur'an Project Group ( now the average person who wants to understand the controversies and myths surrounding The Qur'an will be able to know the truth by studying The Qur'an Dilemma - a critical analysis unlike any other." (

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