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Presidents Day

Deneen Borelli Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy, Project 21.The black leadership network is condemning a major left-wing web site's blistering racial attack on black conservative Herman Cain, and once again asks why the liberal civil rights establishment refuses to condemn racial attacks on black conservatives.Plus Obama's visit to the green people. (

John Wohlstetter National Security Expert ,Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Founder of Letters from the Capitol Blog.His report: ISRAEL: DESERTED BY OBAMA AGAIN Mideast aflame & Obama about to smack Israel, nothing will take Obama away from twisting the arm of his only truly trustworthy Mideast ally.”

Kevin "Coach" Collins From the Coach is Right Column "Discussing some of his most recent articles:Dracula Tax States ready to feast on our family estates:and Detroit schools have the secret to improving students’ grades:also Is CPAC, quickly becoming the tree that fell in the desert?(

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" More on Presidents Day"

In some circles, today is observed as "Presidents' Day," jointly recognizing Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but it is still officially recognized as the anniversary of "Washington's Birthday" Washington's actual birthday is tomorrow, Feb. 22.)

Although it was celebrated as early as 1778, and by the early 19th Century was second only to the Fourth of July as a patriotic holiday, Congress did not officially recognize Washington's Birthday as a national holiday until 1870. The Monday Holiday Law in 1968 -- applied to executive branch departments and agencies by Richard Nixon's Executive Order in 1971 -- moved the holiday from February 22 to the third Monday in February

Contrary to popular opinion, no action by Congress or order by any President has changed 'Washington's Birthday' to 'Presidents' Day.'"

Here is a comment I would like to share with you from

Jeffrey Earl Warren


Monday is President’s day. In the wake of November’s election, the nation’s Capitol bustles as both parties search for “bipartisan” issues to agree upon. Each party wants to show that it is relevant—that it matters. That it heard the will of the people.

If Congress wants to do something really important, it could do and bring back Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays as national holidays.

I feel so sad for today’s kids. Nowadays, The 12th and 22nd of February are just two more days in a quirky month known mostly for valentines and Leap Year .

Once, each president’s birthday was filled with magic. Poems and essays were written, pictures were drawn and plays were performed acting out the childhood deeds committed of these two giants.

By the time we were six, we knew what every school child in America knew: That the Father of our country had once been just like us--a little boy who got caught. What did little George do when his father asked him if he had chopped down the cherry tree? How many of America’s school children know that frightened little George looked his father in the eye, and replied, “I cannot tell a lie. It was I who cut down the cherry tree”.

Dad’s response? The rod was spared, and so was Georgie’s backside. Though it met with varying degrees of success, there wasn’t a one of us who didn’t try that tactic on our own fathers.

The ritual surrounding Honest Abe’s birthday sounded a similar theme.

Why was he “Honest Abe?” We all knew it revolved around him working in a store as a teenager. Inadvertently, he overcharged a woman three pennies. Had they not heard it at home, my kids wouldn’t know that Abe walked 5 miles (usually, it was mentioned that he was barefoot), just to return three pennies to that lady.

The message was clear. There were a couple of things in it for you if you were honest.

One: people would like you so much that you could be elected pressident.

Second: If you battle tyrants and fight for freedom, or if you go to war to fight evils like slavery, your reward will be the greatest reward any six year old can fathom—a Birthday Party! And everybody in the country will come.

Unfortunately, a few accademics from the sixties, got wind of the fact that there was no “scientific proof” that cherry trees even grew at Mt. Vernon--let alone that Washington had a confrontation with his father.

Then there was the messy issue of the fact that George Washington actually owned slaves. That he eventually freed them never got him much credit.

Lincoln proved to be just as complicated. Maybe he didn’t grow up in a three sided log cabin, read by firelight or ever walk five miles to return three pennies.

Additionally, there were the “facts” that he suspended habeas corpus, and ordered the arrest of Kentucky legislators who were going vote for succession. Perhaps he suffered from melancholia, and may have gone to war as much for economic as well as moral reasons.

Today, neither Abe nor George is too politically correct. There are countless “experts” who never tire of reminding us that they have the “historical facts”, to prove that myths surround these men are false. “Facts” miss the point.

These men were Giants.

Since the dawn of creation man has depended upon the power of myths. Myths provide the mechanism which allows us mortals to comprehend the uncompressible.

Truth can actually be obfuscated by “facts”. The truth is that these men were giants.

So, members of Congress, let’s once again give our kids something to shoot for.

Let’s reinstitute two of the finest birthday parties ever. Let’s put a premium on honesty and character.

Let’s teach them a higher truth--that we honor greatness, virtue and character far more than we honor mediocrity, apathy, self-gain—to say nothing of drug abuse, promiscuity, rap lyrics etc.

With a couple of ideals to shoot for, who knows what affect it may have. If the antics of Lady Gaga and Snoop Dog can influence a generation, think what the actions of real giants could accomplish?

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    As many Americans pause on this Washington's Birthday Holiday (renamed "President's Day" by Act of Congress which should be reversed) to remember and reflect on what America was and represented at home and abroad in the Age of President and Commander-in-Chief George Washington, soldier and self-declared patriot, it is well to reflect on what America has become and represents at home and abroad in the Age of President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, non-soldier and self-declared "progressive."

    That it is a tale of two very different Americas on Washington's Birthday 2011 in the age of Obama, as to American values, the kind of nation America now is, and what America now represents at home and abroad, is reflected in two publications on Washington's Birthday Holiday: One from the New York Post headlined "Hero's unwelcome," pertaining to acts at Columbia University, President Obama's alma mater; and the other from, headlined: "Heroes: Stop Destroying Our Military," pertaining to the American military, Gen. George Washington's alma mater.

    The New York Post reports in "Hero's Unwelcome," by Annie KarnI describes how "Columbia University students heckled a war hero during a town-hall meeting on whether ROTC should be allowed back on campus.
    'Racist!' some students yelled at Anthony Maschek, a Columbia freshman and former Army staff sergeant awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008. Others hissed and booed the veteran."
    The NY Post's story, with photo of Sgt. Maschek in his wheel chair, is at:

    In stark contrast to the America represented by the students and faculty at Columbia who never served, as reported by the NY Post, is the joint statement published by, of two of America's greatest living military heroes, Admiral Jeremiah A. Denton (USN, ret.), seven-years, seven-months a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret), Medal of Honor recipient in Vietnam.

    Adm. Denton and Gen. Brady, two of the most decorated heroes in American history, urge Americans to take a stand calling for the 112th Congress to reinstate the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy hastily repealed in the post-election "lame duck" Pelosi-Reid-Obama 111th Congress. Based on their experience in the military in wartime, they regard the transformation of the military as a threat to the nation.: Heroes to Congress:

    These two heroes, Adm. Denton and Gen. Brady, following in the footsteps of General Washington, devoted their entire careers in military service to the nation, service which was greatly honored in the Age of General Washington, and which service today is smugly and self-righteously reviled by "progressive" elitists in the Age of Obama, who, like Obama, never deigned to serve.

    On this George Washington's Birthday Holiday 2011, it is for every American to make a choice as to whether he or she stands for the America of strong military defense, limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom created by the Founding Fathers in the Age of Washington, and exemplified by the lives of service patriotism of Admiral Denton and Gen, Brady; or the transformed America in the Age of Obama exemplified by the lives of non-service and "progressivism" of students and faculty of Columbia University, and other elitists.
    (Rees Lloyd is a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist.)