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1/21 Kimberly Dvorak,,Mike Cutler,Lloyd Marcus

Talkback Fri Jan 21, 2011
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Kimberly Dvorak Writer for Examiner.Com "Discussing some of her most recent columns : Anchor Babies cost one county $600 Million last year, also La Raza targets lawmakers who voted against the Dream Act"

Mike Cutler Fellow writer for CAPS , Californians for Population Stabilization, Former INS agent, Center for Immigration Studies, also writers for News With Views and others. Mike has testified numerous times in Washington D.C. and he has been ask to do so again next week before the House Judiciary ,Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement on "ICE Worksite Enforcement" (
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Lloyd Marcus Singer/Songwriter, President of NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color) Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative. "Discussing his article at News With Views: Black Tea Partier Encourages Whites to Call Out Black Race Exploiters" ( (

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On Todays Show
By Lloyd Marcus
January 21, 2011
While reading her emails, I heard my wife say, "This is so absurd, it has to be an internet hoax doctored photo." It was a photo of a rally on MLK Day hosted by the South Carolina NAACP held at the state house. The statue of George Washington at the state house was boxed in on three sides hidden from the rallying crowd. The NAACP said they covered the statue because they "didn't want to offend anyone."
Upon investigation, the photo was confirmed to be real.
Read the entire story at

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