Friday, November 19, 2010

11/22 Chuck Helppie, Joy Tiz, Dave Gibson

Talkback Mon Nov 22, 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PST

Chuck Helppie Today is the 47th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy . Chuck is the author of the novel Kennedy Must Be Killed a fact based story of betrayal and hubris that you ask:
Could it really have happen that way? His Father worked for Bobby Kennedy in the Justice Dept."

Joy Tiz Author: It's Not Easy Easy being God, The Real George Soros, She also wrote Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House Today discussing her article " Soros Soars on Scanners: how Soros stands to benefit from the government's use of body scanners at airports. (

Dave Gibson, Author; Replacing Americans, the Deadly Consequences of an Open Border with Mexico. He was a former legislative aide to a state senator, He writes for Examiner.Com . His work has been published in many newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times. He is a frequent guest on my show. Dave believes that the issue of illegal immigration is the most pressing issue of our time and can no longer simply be ignored by our elected officials. " A look at some of his recent articles including Lies The Press has told you about the Dream Act, (

This is so good, enjoy
"Obama at bat"


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