Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/7 Darrell Ahrens,Janie Johnson,Jim Edwards Jr, Kevin Collins

Talkback Tue Sep 7, 2010
Chuck Wilder Noon - 2 PM PDST

Darrell Ahrens former U.S. Marine, Air Force fighter pilot, high school teacher, and pastor ,Would a Mosque on Ground Zero Desecrate Sacred Ground?" Explains Why Intolerance Can Be Good for Americans ,He is the Author of
Divine Love/Divine Intolerance

Janie Johnson Author: Don't Take My Lemonade Stand preserving opportunities and freedoms for our children.(http://www.jjauthor.com/)

Jim Edwards Jr. Center for Immigration Studies, also writes for Human Events ,some of his reports" ICE's Melting Math and Seeing Is Believing " (http://www.cis.org/edwards/melting-math)

Kevin "Coach" Collins The Coach is Right Column , His latest including"Tougher border controls bringing more illegals sneaking in by sea" (http://www.coachisright.com/)

Talkback is repeated Midnight- 2 AM PDST on CRN CH 4

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