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Audra Russell With the Jeremiah Denton Foundation , Getting Aid to Haiti, the most critical needs for the people is water, food and shelter.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center "Omitting for Obama , it wasn't the main stream media it was radio, blogs, and Fox News that broke the stories in 2009 of scandals in the Obama administration while the old networks ignored them. "

Chuck Baldwin News With Views.Com "PRESIDENT OBAMA ESTABLISHES "COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS" The steps to lay the foundation for extensive military police action within the United States."

ILANA Mercer A US-based, classical liberal writer. She pens a popular weekly column—“Return to Reason”—for , Ilana also contributes to VDARE.COM, the foremost authority on immigration policy. She is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, an independent, non-profit economic policy think tank."Her latest Haiti: Trade in Voodoo for values, A different set of beliefs animates Haitian society, and helps explain its helplessness and hopelessness."

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