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Wed Dec 16, 2009

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Chuck Wilder Noon- 2 PM PST

Kyle Olson editor of and vice president of Education Action Group Foundation" A Brooklyn federal judge, appointed by former President Bill Clinton, has ruled that Congress’s efforts to “defund” ACORN amounted to a bill of attainder, and thus were unconstitutional."

Phil Kerpen Director of Policy for Americans for Prosperity " His trip to Copenhagen and what to expect from President Obamas vist there and push for Cap-and-Trade"

Marilyn M Barnewall she received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She has authored seven non-fiction books about banking, two are listed at Oxford and Cambridge University libraries in Great Britain ,her latest book is When the Swans Kneck Breaks, her artices appear at News With and the latest is "Conservatives need to define themselves"

Al Garza Founder and president of the Patriots Coalition, also founder of America Speaks Out, Al is a national expert on issues surrounding immigration law.

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